Things That Matter

Another thing to look forward to is a NEW book due to be released October 16, by Nate Berkus.
The title is Things That Matter. A great quote of Nate's, "I believe your home should tell your story. The way you do that is through your things. What do you own that tells a bit about who you are?"

Hmm... well, I guess my things would tell the story that I am a mother, I own pets, and I like new things and I like vintage things. I have a huge problem picking out accessories, and art for my home. I hope that this book can help me release my fear and insecurities of what to buy, and just grab things that make me smile. I will surround myself with only things that matter, hence the title of the book.
I already own his last book, House Rules and can't wait to see this new one. You can pre-order, The Things That Matter on Amazon now. If his decor pictures are as fabulous as his dreamy front cover, I think we are all in for a treat.

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