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I admit it, I am a sucker for most reality shows. Some I don’t have any intention of following but somehow if I stumble upon it while I am surfing the channels and I land on one, I immediately get pulled into and can’t tear my eyes away. Most of them are like a car crash on the side of the road and you just can’t help yourself to slow down and gawk at it. I will admit most of them, make me feel better about myself because a few of the “characters” on these shows are really something else! Whoa baby! Not sure what’s really real in these shows but they sure are entertaining. I guess that’s why they are so popular.

The latest design reality show that I have been sucked into is the HGTV Design Star. This show brings on 12 contestants that battle on their design abilities and whoever is last, gets their show produced by HGTV. Some of the past winners of this competition style reality show have been David Bromstad (love), Kim Myles, Jennifer Bertrand, Antonio Ballatore, Emily Henderson, and last year’s Meg Caswell.

Some of the contestants from years past that may not have won, have still earned them shows of their own or at least cameos in some other shows on HGTV.

I think anyone watching this show must sit back and think, what would I do differently in these challenges, or I could’ve done better than that hot mess. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t critique someone else’s work since I have no education (yet), or experience (yet) myself…. BUT this is a competition show and they are all critiqued by judges on the show for their work. That is what the show is about. Sort of like American Idol, you can’t watch that show and not critique the singing, even if you can’t hit a single note yourself.

So, here are my two cents on the last two episodes this year. First looking at everyone’s portfolios online the HGTV website, I wasn’t really impressed with anyone in particular. If I had to choose just from those, I was leaning more towards Miera, since I too, gravitate towards the coastal casual look.

After the first episode, I again was leaning towards Miera and Jordan. This was rather a hard episode to choose your favorite since it was a combined effort challenge. I understand there must be huge time constraints and low budgets, but there was not one room that I liked.

This week’s episode, really brought out the contestants personality and showcased themselves in a white room challenge of only using items from a hardware store, plus existing white furniture in the room.

Britany: I loved the navy walls and the painted wall treatment and also the gold nail head trim on the couch was a nice touch, and the light fixture. I like the addition of the wood in room but wasn't crazy about the wood wall art.

Bex: (heard she was originally from Washington. Holla!) I thought her use of the PVC pipes in the screen was very creative and had a nice aesthetic feeling.

Hilari: Looking at it from a distance and on TV, I thought the feeling of the room was nice (other than the turtle, should've sprayed in with paint though to class it up) but for practicality if this was a real room, who would like to lean up against that gold trim on the couch?

Rachel: This room was awesome! Loved the colors, loved the detail on the console, and the wall art. She is so artistic, and since I can only draw a stick figure at best, I am in awe of people like her that can freehand so well. I agreed with Genevieve that the owls were a little out of place, but if she had spray painted them a shiny hot pink color that would’ve helped I think.

Kris and Stanley: Uck! I understand the whole art thing, and being creative, but shouldn’t these contestants be showing what they would be doing if they had their own show? I certainly hope they wouldn’t be redoing someone’s home like these rooms!

Jordan: Sadly, his room was a big disappointment. Looked like he just sort of threw things in there and not much thought behind it. Will miss you, and your accent.

Miera: I liked the colors and floor. The wood block art piece was a wrong choice, but liked her choice of painting the rug. The sconces were cute but should have flanked them on the side of the art or something.

Mikel: I liked what he did with the wood art behind the sofa and the console but the ropes were a little strange to me.

Danielle: I liked the wall graphic and colors were good. Again, I hope this is all for looks and you wouldn't really paint a couch.

Luca: Very boring. Cool light fixture, though you can't tell from this photo.

Again, these are just my two cents and I know it's so easy to sit here behind my computer and make these judgements, but that is part of the fun of the show right?
My favorite now after this show is Rachel. Who are you liking thus far?

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