A game I like to play...What would you have done differently?

This week’s Design Star episode challenged the remaining eight finalists to makeover an indoor space and an outdoor space for two sets of homeowners in three days. Guest judge was Sabrina Soto, whom I LOVE! She's so darn cute, and I can just imagine being BFF's and shopping at "Tar-jay" together.

Miera and Danielle were chosen to pair up for the indoor space of the Nitzkin home. They did a fairly good job I think but the pair ran out of time due to their taking on a big project of a custom built-in cabinet. This was Miera’s idea and of course there was drama.

The things that I liked about their project were the natural elements they included like the light fixture in the dining room, the woven shades, the side table in the living area. I guess they must have huge budget constraints because I feel the accessories they picked were so cheap looking. Also, the homeowner said they liked Scandinavian Contemporary. While this was Contemporary, it certainly didn't feel Scandinavian to me, other than the white walls.

For Rachel and Kris, they were given the outdoor space. While, I liked the wood awning over the back doors, the added wood slats on brick fence for more privacy and  the live wood tables made by Kris, the overall feel wasn't that great to me.

The outdoor area for the home owner's little daughter put together by Rachel really failed, which is unfortunate because I think that would have been a nice element for the family.

Britany and Stanley were next door at the Mast home and worked on their outdoor area.
I liked the Chevron fence, and the added wood to the deck area. I however, think it would've been nice for both homes to have added stain the the cement. The seating area was nice but I agree with Genevieve that there was little color in that space.

Inside, Hilari and Mikel tackled the living area. The homeowners  asked for flea market chic and I am not sure that was accomplished.

They did however give them the natural earth tones the family said they liked. This room by far surpassed Miera and Danielle's room makeover to me. I liked the different textures and patterns in this room and the space planning was very good.

After the judges' deliberation, Miera was sent packing.
What did you think about this week's show? What would you have done differently?
I am not sure who I like the best so far but I think I am leaning towards Rachel or Britany. Who are your favorites now?

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