Oh My! Green living never looked so good!

I just came across these pictures posted by Ballard Designs today and thought I'd share them with you.
Bosch technologies teamed up with Ballard Designs to design a net-zero model home they were building in the Serenbe community of Chattahoochee, Georgia. This is the same community where the  new 2012 HGTV Green Home was built.
What is a net-zero house? It is a home built with innovative products that are designed to create energy in the home by use of solar panels on the roof, geothermal heat pump, and a Bosch electric heat pump water heater. The home's energy is measured by a net meter system on the power grid, which credits the homeowner the energy the house provides on it's own, and debits the energy used by the homeowner. This usually results in a net zero or very low consumption use by the home.
I, myself, am very interested in being more green and using less energy in our home. And who wouldn't want to save on our utilities bills? This home is not only energy-efficient, it is also so aesthetically pleasing to the eye, I just want to move right on in! It's gorgeous! I wish I could tour this home in person.
The home is open for tours through the month of July, and after that, it will be available to purchase. I know they will absolutely have no problems selling this beautiful home.

All pictures were found here, by Ballard Designs. If you want to read more about this home, I found this great article.

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