At the Half Way Point

 I think it's time to fill you in on what's been happening this week at my house. If you've been following along, you saw this post about us removing our windows on one side of our house. Mission accomplished!
The removal, re-framing, and installation of the new windows went rather fast I must say. It has been so fun to see the transformation thus far. It is still far from complete, but I think I can envision the end look.

We got some nice breezes through the house that day for awhile. Luckily, no curious furry creatures though.

Oh, did I forget to mention we had a leak in the seam of the window that was going into the drywall and side of house? Lots of dry rot and lots of moisture ants! Good times! I am glad we did this project and found it and it's all taken care of now.

If you haven't been to my home, I know this picture may look like the wood it 3/4 up the wall but that is our fence in the background.

The windows are in! Love them.

The door is gone! My husband has gone to this area a few times now to go out the door to take a look at the side of the house, only to be reminded, there is NO door.

This has been my favorite change so far. I can now be at the sink doing dishes or prepping for dinner and have the window open. The simple things really.

Some of the siding had to be removed due to the window installations and the dry rot. The new siding does not match our existing siding, so the whole side of this house will have to be resided. Fun! That means it will have to be painted. Double fun! My husband and I will be doing the painting ourselves. Triple fun!
Some of the deck also, had to be removed due to getting at the dry rot. More on that project later...
Overall, I am happy with the look of the new windows but it's definitely something to get used to. It is also a lot darker in these rooms now, which we were expecting anyways, We will see what it's like when everything is sheet rocked and painted, and if it's still too dark we may possibly put in skylights farther up on the roof to let in more light. I am hoping we won't have to do that but we'll see how it goes.
That's the wrap up on our exciting week. I will keep you updated on the progress later.

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