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The Lettered Cottage is one of the first blogs that I started to follow and it is still one of my top favorites.
Kevin and Layla Palmer from Alabama are the writers of this blog, and they do an amazing job. They have a great sense of style and have very informative how to's. I also love that Layla is a graduate of Sheffield School where I have signed up for the Interior Design course as well. Also, Layla's Pick My Presto designs for readers are very cool and inspiring. Layla also comments that her design style is classic, cottage, coastal and country. I feel this also describes what I am drawn to as well. Maybe that's why I love their blog so much.
This couple quit their day jobs in 2008 and made blogging their full-time job and are doing very well. They even write articles are HGTV.com and have two e-books.
If you haven't seen their blog, please do check it out.

The Lettered Cottage

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  1. They have a lovely home!

    I just signed up at Sheffield too! Waiting for my packet. Pretty excited! Have a great weekend!


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