Design Star Color Challenge

Design Star this week challenged the contestants to design the main living and dining area of a new condo in Marina Del Ray. Each contestant choose a color randomly and had to incorporate that color in a “meaningful” way in their design.

Britany selected the color yellow.

After seeing this space in pictures rather than the TV, it seems a little flat and little pattern.

I wonder if they are still under budget constraints or if they simply didn't have enough time to shop to fill up her shelves.

I really like her ability to design this wall graphic but it seemed sort of off to me. Perhaps if it was done on the whole wall it could have been more dramatic.

Maybe a mirror about the buffet table or a print? But again, maybe there was budgets to consider and time.

Overall, Britany did a great job. I liked the mix of metals that she used and the pieces she bought.
 She was chosen by the judges as the winner of the challenge this week.

Hilari selected red.

Again, seeing this in pictures I am not as fond of it as on TV. Although, I loved the wood sculpture,  I thought the placement was odd right in front of the window. I agreed with the judges that the branches with the sculpture together were too much. I also did not care for the picture and shelving above the couch.

The hung rug was a good choice to bring in the color red.

Given the color red, I think it was pulled off well and was not "in your face" red.

Mikel selected green.

 I did not care for this color of green, and looking at these pictures, I would've thought his color was supposed to be red. There wasn't much green other than the walls in this space.

Judges mentioned the seating arrangement was not well planned out, since he had installed a TV on the fireplace wall.

Danielle selected blue.

Danielle was questioned on her reasoning for painting the walls another slightly different neutral wall than what was their originally. The judges were not impressed with the lack of color on this "color" challenge. Rugs would've been a good pop of color. Looking at this picture, you would have a hard time guessing blue was her color pick.

I liked the color choice in this room, and wonder again about time and money for why there wasn't wall art or curtains or a rug?

Dark furniture on dark floors and neutral walls equals very little interest in this area.

Though Danielle seemed quite disappointed in herself and seemed like she thought she was headed home, <SPOILER ALERT> Mikel was the one sent packing tonight.
Now we are down to three and next week they are decorating yurts. Yes, yurts! Can't wait to see that one.
So... what are your thoughts of this week's spaces?? Who are you rooting for?

*note, all pictures are from HGTV.com. You can find them here.

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  1. Wow very inspiring blog and I really like it. The designs and colors of their living rooms are perfectly match for each other. I get some ideas what would be the color I could do on my own living room.Good job ^_^. Keep it up. Thanks.

    Nehv @ condo in philippines


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