Design Star: It Had to be Yurt

Design Star this week was down to Danielle, Britany and Hilari and the task they were given was to design a yurt. I am guessing they won't be asked to design a yurt very often in their careers but it was fun to see what they would do with it.

Here's Danielle's finished yurt.

What do you think of this? I really liked the idea of a canopy bed but it was way too chunky and flat and the color was wrong. I liked her layered effect, and that she brought in plants but this was not my favorite.

Here is Hilari's design.

I really liked her Bali style. The colors were great, loved the purple silk drapes on the walls, and the bed was pretty cool. The only flaw to me was that it seemed everything was sort of shoved to this one side of the yurt and nothing was on the other side near the entry.

Now, here is Britany's yurt.

Okay, I LOVED the ceiling treatment she did with the draping of the fabric. Awesome idea and great color. The light was pretty great too. Overall, I did like Britany's room the best. The only flaw for me was that she was going for a beachy type room and she put pictures of grass and trees on the wall.
The judges decided to let Hilari go this week. Now it is down to Britany and Danielle in the final two.
Looking forward to next week. What did you think of their designs this week and who do you think will win? I think I was leaning towards Danielle before but now I am thinking it will be Britany. Will have to tune in to see.
Pictures were courtesy of HGTV.com, want to see more? Go to HGTV.

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