Design Stars Take on Kitchens

This week's Design Star challenge was a kitchen built from scratch and it was to be styled and designed for photos for the HGTV Magazine. Whoever won the challenge would be featured in the magazine.
This week they had the final 6 paired again in twos. I really wish they didn't do this for it's hard to see what each designer would have really chosen and accomplished by themselves.
Danielle and Britany paired up and created this.

These two designers are my favorite top two and it was nice to see them paired up together. I really liked the finished room. Loved the buffet table, chandelier, and industrial bookshelf. The colors were pleasant and inviting.

Mikel and Rachel were paired up and this is their kitchen.

I liked this kitchen more on the tv than I  do in pictures. The wallpaper was much to busy for this space and the lack of upper cabinets on the back wall was perhaps a mistake. The rustic table, the book shelf, and chandelier were really cool though.

Lastly, there was Hilari and Stanley's kitchen.

Wow! What can I say about this kitchen? I understand that they were trying to be different, they wanted a kitchen no one has ever seen before and I think they accomplished that! I do not like the color combination and the hands on the cabinet doors were sort of creepy to me.

So, spoiler alert, if you're not on top of this show, Danielle and Britany were chosen the winners and will be featured with their kitchen in the HGTV magazine, and Rachel and Stanley were sent home.
I frankly don't understand how Stanley made it this far, as he is a good builder but in my opinion didn't ever really show a good design style. Rachel, I will miss. I think her very first white room challenge was so great and am sad to see her go. I think Danielle and Britany will be the final two. The winner? At this point, my money is on Danielle.

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