Blog I Follow: House of Turquoise

If you like the color turquoise, if you want some inspiration and ideas of adding turquoise to a room/house, or you want to just look at pretty house pictures, then I have the blog for you!
House of Turquoise is written by Erin and it is such a fun blog to check out. I don't know how she find them all, but she finds some amazing rooms and houses that either have hints of turquoise or full blown rooms decked in turquoise all over the space.
Who doesn't love the color turquoise? I love it because it reminds me of the ocean. I also love that you can use this color to create a casual coastal type room, a sophisticated traditional room, or even an eclectic modern room. It is definitely a color that no matter the style of the room it gives off this calming effect. Well, it has that effect on me anyways.
(Stay tuned, for one of my daughter's room will soon be redecorated with lots of pretty turquoise.)
So, if this is a color you are drawn to or want to see some amazing rooms, be sure to go over to Erin's blog and check it out! Have fun and have a great weekend!

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