Design Star All Star Winner

On last night's finale of the HGTV Design Star All Stars, the final three designers had to design a shipping container, and it's outside little deck area. They had to have a sleeping area, sitting area and a place where they could eat.

I have to say this was the best designing from all three designers so far on this episode. I thought all three did a great job tonight.

Here is what they had to work with.

This is Hilari's container.

I thought her idea of the planter boxes on the porch was great, the screen to divide the sitting area and the bed was also a great choice. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the paint color.
And is that a Graypants pendant light I see?

Here is Tom's space.

Tom's space was pretty cool on the show last night, however it doesn't look as well in photos. But I love how he makes all his spaces look curated over time, even though he had only two days to put this together. He really styles things very well. And his sketches above are always my favorite. I am amazed when someone has this talent to just freehand stuff like this, while I can only do stick figures.

Here is Leslie's container.


Leslie's room was the one I liked the most for she designed it to be like a beach cabin bunkie and I am drawn to anything "beachy".
Her idea of putting in a murphy bed was great and as well as putting chalkboard for the back of it when it is upright was also well thinking. Overall, it was a very fun space.

And the first winner of Design Star All Stars......


I thought for sure it would be Tom or Hilari but I guess I am not very good at guessing these things.
Who did you think would win? Which container was your favorite?

All pictures were from HGTV.com and if you missed the show you can watch it online, here.


  1. yeah, third one...I would have totally mirrored one wall to make the space look bigger...those are skinny!

  2. Thanks so much for the great recap! I missed the show.


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