Did I Say Half-Way Point?

Ha, ha. I don't know if I was being optimistic or in dream land to have thought we were half-way through our project! I guess it didn't help to add another project to the mix as well.
Here is what's been happening around our house lately.

This is what our house looked like before. Well, before the next project happened anyways.

Our lovely view of the fence from the kitchen.

Lovely view from the eating area.

And lovely view from the family area.

So, while my husband and I were standing outside last weekend, we began to think of our options. Some of our deck had to be pulled away to fix the areas where we had the leak and as that was torn up we found out the deck was not properly installed. We would have to fix this problem, after the new siding went on, which would equal more labor costs. The deck is pretty much the whole length of the house and it has to be pressure washed every spring and painted about every other year. I really don't like the aesthetic look of this side of the house ,as well as the labor of it all. The side of the house + deck + fence = blah.
Could we possibly get rid of our amazing view our fence? Yea, I think we could get over it quick. Albeit, my husband did do a very good job building this fence, it's still not the best view. So... we decided to rip up the deck and tear down the fence.
Here is our mess as of now.

It's going to be BEAUTIFUL! Okay, well it's going to look way better than this anyways.
We are about 3/4 done with the new siding. A new window will be installed in the garage to match the other new grid windows. We had a new solid garage door installed, to replace the one we had with a huge window in. Yikes, that was not very safe, security wise. I am feeling much better with the new one.

After the siding is in and we paint, we will plant our boarder of trees and have the pathway filled with pea gravel and stepping stones. I am really looking forward to this end result.

As far as the progress instide the house, we replaced some hanging 80's lights with recessed lights, and added more lights to make up for the lack of light coming through the larger windows.

No, my walls are not yellow or mustard. I am not sure why they look this color in the picture but it looks horrid!

I also had two lights above the kitchen sink installed. As you can see from the picture I hung, that is what I ordered and what will go there. They are from School House Electric, and I am very excited about them.
Today, they have installed the insulation and are currently putting up sheet rock. Just a little bit closer. Yea! But are we at the half-way point now? I am going to say no, since I know there are so many little details left to do but having that sheet rock up will be a big step forward.
Stay tuned.

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