Over the Weekend

I thought I'd share some things that happened around here this weekend and a little peak into how the house is looking as of now.

I received my lights for above my kitchen sink. I got them from School House Electric and I am very excited to put them up.

We also did a whole lot of this... painting.

Here are some changes that have occurred here at the home front over the week.

The new siding is now complete!

As you can see all sheetrock is up and sprayed and now the painting fun has begun. I have decided on painting everything white.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has constant fears of making the wrong decision. I can see it in my head and hope it really turns out that way when all is said and done. I know it's only paint and it can be fixed if I hate it, but what a pain to redo it if I hate it. So cross your fingers and toes for me that I'll love it in the end.

What's next on the to do list... finish the painting, adding the trim around windows inside, finding new carpet, ordering blinds and curtains, putting lights up, and sitting back to relax a little.
For the outside; we need to paint, add more gutters, plant row of trees, build steps out of garage, put outdoor lights back up and make a pathway of gravel and stepping stones.

Even though I can definitely see the end in sight on this project, I have so many more ideas for this space, like redoing our bar area, refacing or painting the fireplace, new sofa/chairs, and a kitchen remodel. One thing at a time I have to keep telling myself, and the husband tells me this far too often as well. I need to reel it in, and slow down. No harm in dreaming a little though, is it?

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