Showing Some Love Today

 Not sure about you but I am constantly redoing rooms or imagining different furniture in my house in my mind ALL THE TIME. Especially every season when the new home decor catalogs start coming in the mail with new stuff. I imagine changing my house decor with each season. Wouldn't that be nice?

While I don't think I can stop imagining different designs for my house, or stop decorating in my mind, I do know I need to be grateful for what I have. I am so lucky to have a roof over my head, and I am lucky to have what I have.

So, today I thought I'd show my house some love today, and show off things that I love about my home. There are many things I hate and things I want to change, but today I will bite my tongue and say only positive things about my house.

I love my new entry rug. It makes me happy when opening the front door.

I like my black doors, and I love my new boxwood wreaths. (Hopefully people don't mistake them for Christmas wreaths)

I love fresh flowers in the home, and I love this orchid in my bathroom. I will try to keep it alive.

I LOVE my new windows (though they are not completed all the way). I love that I can now open windows on this side of the house, and I can not even explain how much better it is temperature wise in this house now with these new windows. Heaven.

I really like our dark wood beams in our kitchen and family room.

 I like how our curved stairs in our house give it some character.

I like our shutter-type closet doors. I wasn't sure about them when we first moved in, and thought they would end up going but I've grown to love them.

I'm happy with our makeover on the fireplace in our living room (though the inside needs to be painted), and I love the lantern that I got from Target.

And I am very happy with the way the girls' bathroom turned out. Love the planking, the dark tile floor, the white subway tile shower, the colors in the hand towels and the fun yellow shower curtain.

There are more things I love about my home and the things inside, but it's summer and we are in the middle of our remodel with the one side of our house, SO... this is all I could take pictures of that wasn't looking like a tornado. I know bite my tongue... Positive thoughts.

So join me today in trying to put all those things about your home that make you cringe out of your mind and be thankful and grateful for the things that you do have, and enjoy the simple things like fresh flowers, the way the sun shines through your windows, or climbing in bed into clean, soft sheets.

Enjoying the little things can sometimes even make those dings in the wall, dustbunnies in the corner, or dated tile flooring disappear. For awhile anyways...

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