Summer Home

What I am really missing this summer (other than getting to go on a vacation), is HGTV's Summer Home. Last summer, HGTV had a show called Summer Home, where hostess/designer Karen Sealy would take a well-loved and a little dated summer cottage and transform into a beautiful new oasis. Also, last summer HGTV  had Sarah Richardson's Sarah's Summer House.  I really enjoyed watching both of these shows and  I became even more beach cabin envious watching them.
Sadly, this summer there is nothing on HGTV like this. Well, as it turns out at least not in the U.S.
I found in Canada, on HGTV they do have a second season of Summer Home with designer Samantha Pynn playing up there. SO NOT FAIR! However, we can go to HGTV.ca and watch episodes online. I don't understand why they don't play it here in the U.S. though, instead of twenty House Hunters back to back. Ugh! HGTV (U.S.) you need more NEW material, please!
Anyway, here are some great "after" pictures of this season's Summer Home by Samantha Pynn. (You may recognize her from Pure Design on HGTV when it aired in the US)

If you'd like to watch the past episodes or see the transformation with the "before" shots of these rooms, you can go HERE. Meanwhile, I will be pinning these directly onto my "Someday Beach House" board. You can follow me on Pinterest if you'd like.


  1. I hope to someday own a beach/lake house too. I love Samantha Pynn!

  2. *Gasp!* That first kitchen is where it's AT for me. Love these inspiration shots!


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