They're Back......

So, I think it was just a couple weeks ago that HGTV Design Star was over and I thought I'd get caught up on some reading on Tuesday nights but looks like that #ain'tgonnahappen.
Design Star All Stars is now airing on HGTV on Tuesday nights, bringing back six past contestants from prior seasons to try again. This time the prize is for $25,000 and an appearance on a HGTV show.

In this opening show, the designers had to create out of a white box challenge their dream room with unlimited furnishings from the Pacific Design Center in L.A.

Here is what they created.

This is Tom. I really liked him from Season 5, and think his style is classic and well thought out.
I am hoping he sticks around longer than he did on his first season.
 Tom's room was my favorite. Very collected looking and great staging. He needed some color thrown in for good measure but overall I really liked it.

This is Dan. I also really liked Dan from Season 4, which he was runner up. I think he may be the front runner of this group.

This is Hilari. She was the third finalist in the very recent season.

This is Leslie. I am sort of neutral on Leslie and her style right now.

This is Sparkle Josh. Yes, that's right Sparkle Josh! He is definitely a character and plays to the camera well. He is from Season 2. I don't think I started watching Design Star until Season 4, so I don't know how he preformed on that season. I have to say I do not care for his glitzy glam style. Sorry.

This is Kellie. I remember Kellie from Season 6. She was voted fan favorite from her season and for good reason. She is very sweet and does very well in front of the camera.

However, sadly Kellie was sent packing. Boo hoo, I was hoping she would've stayed even though I did not care for her design this week. I can't imagine this was truly her dream room.
Well, I am sure we are in for another bumpy ride full of drama and mishaps from this show.
Did you watch? Who do you like? Who do you think will win?

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