What's Missing From This Picture?

A little game today for you.
What is missing from the bottom picture?

Probably not too hard of a game for you. If you guessed the ladder, you are wrong. It's the fence! Yup, another project.  This should be a great change. We were really sick of looking out the window and seeing nothing but fence. My husband was itching to tear it down, since I really think he loves demolition. It's the rebuilding and finishing projects that seem to take a little longer. Anyone else with me on that one?
We are planning on planting a row of cypress trees or arborvitae along this side of the house for a little privacy but still letting more light in. It should be a lot nicer looking at some greenery than at the fence.
More to show later next week. Stay tuned to see if we add anymore projects to the list.

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