Family Room Possibilities

I am working on changing up my family room with our remodel and new windows. We are currently repainting the area, and will be installing new carpet.
As much as I would love to get a new sofa, I have to keep my brown leather ones for a bit longer.
Here's one idea I have for the room, but since I change my mind constantly this is not the final decision yet.


I have never made an idea board before, and I think I need some help. I will have to ask my 13 year old. Ha ha.
What I really love are the curtains, and I have already ordered those. I am waiting to get those up and then decide how I want to proceed. The only thing about this that I am hesitant about, is that it doesn't look too different from what the room looks like now and I wanted to do something a little different.
What do you think?

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