Designer Spotlight: Lynn Morgan Design

Lynn Morgan Design was established in 1982, and Lynn's design philosophy is to have a clean, crisp, dramatic look with a touch of whimsy while maintaining a traditional approach.
I love that none of her work really looks the same. She can do black and white, and then do the Nantucket blue style, and do a fun almost Caribbean style room. And I think she pulls them all off wonderfully! All are classy yet with a punch of fun.
Here is some of her work.

To see more of Lynn's portfolio, visit her site here.

Have a great weekend!


Trick or Treat

I have been finding some really cute Halloween costumes on Pinterest lately. Man, I can't believe all the creative people that are out there!

Via Pinterest
Via Wildinkpress.com
Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Aren't those adorable?
My 11 and 13 year old still haven't gotten their costumes yet! Yikes, I better get a move on.
If you have kids, what are they going as this year??


Halloween Finds at Etsy

Have you ever bought anything from Etsy? I have a few times, and love looking at all the different shops at all the handmade products. There are some really talented people out there!

Here are some fun Halloween decorations that I found on Etsy. Some of you may be crafty enough to make some of these yourself, but I think that the crafty gene bypassed me big time.

Via Everly Lane Design
Via Luna Cab Co
Via cagedheat3
Via Frog Prince Paperie
Via Sharmilaw
via Ever Blooming Original

Have you found some good things on Etsy lately? 



Exterior Update

I can finally add some updates on the exterior of the house after our remodel, and removing our fence.

Here are the before, during and afters.




Before View
View After
Before View

After View

Before View
After View

The pictures really don't do this justice. I can't tell you how much better it is without that fence. It doesn't feel so claustrophobic in those rooms anymore and I love seeing more green instead of looking at a fence wall.
I can't wait for the trees to grow taller though. I am sure our neighbors would like that as well, so they don't feel so exposed with us looking directly into their backyard. These trees are fast growing though and shouldn't take too long.
This was definitely one of those projects that we sit back and say "why didn't we do this sooner?"



Fire It Up

I have been wanting to do a fireplace makeover in our family room for about as long as we have lived here.
I just don't care for the red brick and I really don't care for the huge insert, that we have never once used.
My dream would be to add a gas fireplace insert and somehow makeover the brick. Either {gasp} paint it, OR cover it with some mdf and trim OR cover it with tile/stone.
I hate showing my fireplace but if I'm going to ask your advice, then I feel I have to give you the whole picture.
Keep in mind this is the room that we are currently still putting some final finishes on. The new carpet has been installed, wall/ceiling painting is done, and curtains are hung. But please look past the missing moldings, unpainted door, drill, and paint cans and such. I am also going to be adding a console table there to the far left wall and art.
I know you all are going to be wanting to hurry and pin these pics onto your "dream house" pinterest boards, but try to restrain yourself for now. (Ha ha.)
Here is goes warts and all....

So, you see the reason I want to remove this monster of an insert? We also need to cover up those fans on the bottom of the hearth. Whatever we do choose, my husband really wants to keep the wood box exposed, for he likes the arch of it. I do too, plus if we covered it the fireplace would be off balance.

Here are some examples that have caught my eye.

Barn wood via

Stone via

Painted brick via

painted brick via

Painted brick via

mdf/trim via

So, what one do you like? Painted, stone, barn board, mdf? Help me!
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