Peace Out!

Just before we go any farther, I should tell you that I am NOT a DIY/crafy kinda girl. I would like to be. I am in awe of those that are born with this lucky gene but for me, it just does not come naturally. I have to work very hard for anything to come out looking half good, so I don't do crafts or diy projects very often.
Last year however, I attempted a holiday decor craft. It was super easy and even I managed to pull it off.

 All you need is wood letters of whatever word you want to spell out, scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper, dowels,  a pot or little bucket, and floral foam. I found these cute red buckets at Michaels last year.
First, I simply laid the letter on top of a pre-glued scrapbook paper, and then took an x-acto knife and trimmed it around the letter. You could trace the letter and cut it, glue it and put in on. But I was afraid I wouldn't cut it precisely and not true to the shape, I thought this would be the easiest way. Then again, I am not the craft expert.

 Then drill a small hole into the bottom of the letter. (I had my husband do this part.)

 Then cut the dowel to desired length, pop it into letter put it in the floral foam and BOOM there it is.
In all reality I probably didn't need to give you directions for this craft. I'm sure it's pretty easy to figure out just by looking at the picture. Maybe there is another craft challenged person like me though that needs a little help.

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