Can I Pour You A Drink?

I still wish I could show you my family room update after our small renovation this summer. But it's not all the way finished yet and don't want to share until it's done, or at least at a point that I'm happy with it.
Other than hopefully the fireplace reno in our future, another area that needs to be addressed in this room is the bar area. We have this little built in bar area, that does come in handy when we have a gathering at our home.

First off, will be to remove at least the bottom drawers and doors to reconfigure a different layout. This space isn't really used and I'd like to maybe even work in a beverage or wine fridge below, but not sure if I want it exposed. Thoughts?
I also want to get rid of the oak wood, and have it be all white.

Just another view of how it sits on one side of the room. That big white open space on the wall will hopefully soon have a console table, and wall art. I just can't make up my mind on which console I want yet.

This is what she looks like inside in all her glory. Ain't she a beaut? She may have been in the 80's but she now needs to join the 21st century.

 These oak shelves, mirrored back, and glass shelves will go.

 This light fixture will be replaced.

 And this 80's yellow tile will also be gone.
Here are some inspirational photos that I've gathered up.
House and Home

Not sure if I want to go with planked walls behind the shelves or subway tile with a dark grout.
And white shelves or wood shelves? I think I am leaning towards have wood shelves to bring in some warmth.

Jeffrey Alan Marks

 Can't find the true source of the above photo. If you know the designer, let me know.

Blake Shaw Homes

And I sort of like this type of shelving too. Note the wine fridge below too.
What is your vote? Which one do you like best? And would you still have doors on the cabinet to close it all up when not in use or would you have it without doors and have an open look all the time? In the meantime, cheers!

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  1. Your bar has loads of potential! I would definitely keep the doors off and agree with you that open shelving is perfect for your space. As for type of shelving, I love all of the options you're thinking about. Can't wait to see the "after" - it will be a good one!


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