John Robshaw

At first glance at John Robshaw's textile line, you can't deny the strong East Indian, Moroccan, and general Eastern influence in his textiles prints. You may think that his textiles would only work in a sort of bohemian style decor but what is great about his textiles is that they are very versatile in my opinion. They can look right at home in a traditional setting as well as a coastal look and I really like how they can mix and match with other textiles so easy as well.
Here are some of my favorites. (Excuse all the blue choices, but that is a color that I seem to be drawn to lately)

Brooke Shield master bedroom per architectualdigest.com



Fun bedding for girls' rooms too.


And some fun tablecloths, and vases too.

I recently added new bedding to our Master Bedroom since we moved from a queen size bed to a king, and I purchased this from Z Gallerie.
I feel it reminds me a lot of something Robshaw would create.

So, are Robshaw's or look alikes something you would or do have in your own home? Do you think they are versatile?

Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by my blog from Marianne's site this weekend! I hope that you will stick around. If you are a designer or blogger that would like to take part of my "Look Behind the Curtains" series, please send me a line. I would love your input as well. It's so fun to see what other bloggers/designers advice and thoughts are.

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  1. I saw a pillow at a high-end furniture store while visiting my parents over Christmas that I fell head-over-heels in love with - turns out it was a John Robshaw design. Undeniably gorgeous but expensive!


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