Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
May you have a wonderful day filled with happy memories with the special people in your life!


Spring Break

Kids are officially on Spring Break in little over 3 hours from now, so again I will be taking a little break. In case you need me I'll be here.....

We are off the Big Island! We've been to Maui and Kauai each a couple times, but have never gone to the Big Island. We are all excited to see all this island has to offer. If you've been and you have any favorites dining spots, beaches, etc. please let me know.
You can follow me on Instagram, if it's not too much torture. Ha ha.
Well, I'm off to get some last minute things done that I've been putting off, like buying a bathing suit. (Wish me luck.)


Spring/Summer Fun @ PB Teen

As I am just wrapping up a room makeover for my almost 14 year old daughter (yikes! how did that happen?), and I am gathering things to soon do a makeover for my almost 12 year old daughter (double yikes!), I have been scouting lots of different teen/tween stuff.
I found a few fun new items on Pottery Barn Teen and I thought I'd share them with you.

I just LOVE the colors on this chevron duvet cover! It's so spring like and fun!! And aren't those lights amazing?? Like little disco lights.
 This is a very fun headboard. If we were buying one for any of the girls, this would definitely be in the running.
I thought this was a fun and different one too. I really like the nail head trim. It also comes in pink and teal.

 These pillows are super cute as well. Too bad I already purchased our pillows.

And this chandelier! OMG. LOVE IT!
These chairs are so great and ironically I have the exact chair in my garage waiting for a makeover for the 12 year old's room. So excited to see what it will look like after I'm done with it.

Anyway, I will share my almost 14 year old's room with you one of these days. I am just waiting for a clear, sunny day and when the room is clean. Yeah, I know for both of those things to happen on the same day around here are pretty slim! Keeping fingers crossed it'll be soon.
To see my mood board inspirations for both girls, go here and here.

So, what's your favorite new item from PB Teen?


What's Your Road Block?

I am in no way thinking I am a decorating genius. Far from it actually, but it's my passion and I hope that people like what I do to my own house. I am trying to learn more, and hopefully someday someone will ask me for my help to decorate their house!
I think I am ok with picking colors,  (though, I have made a couple mistakes which I'll share at a later time), picking coordinating patterns, and picking furniture pieces (again, not all aces though).
What I really seem to stumble upon and find a road block on is vignettes. I don't know why this simple decorating area seems to stump me but it does.
For example, this is what my new entry looks like.

 See the lonely candles? I know I want to add either a little bench or 2 little seats to tuck under the table to fill that open space and for function to put on shoes. But what to add to the table top? Totally stumped. I want to add something that makes sense and is also pretty. I see in a lot of photos of vignettes styled with a lamp, a plant, books, etc.
I have the overhead light, so a lamp would just seem overkill to me and wouldn't ever be turned on.
A plant? Yes, I could definitely put a plant there. Books? While it looks really great in photos, it doesn't seem practical to me. I mean if I want to go look for a book, one of the few last places I would go look for one would be in my entry. Does that make sense?
Ugh! Maybe I am over thinking this too much.
Then I have another console table to worry about. A new purchase that is sitting bare and naked. Waiting to be prettied up.

I can't add a lamp here because of the sconces. Here I could definitely put some books, or a plant or both, and I will most likely add some sort of bowl for keys since this is near the door where actually we come and go- not the main entry. I really want to add things that are special and meaningful too. So the search goes on.

What do you have on your entry table or other console tables? Am I making this more of a big deal than it should be?
What are your biggest road blocks when decorating?


Entry Tweaking

So, if you are just tuning in... I am on a mission. My mission is PAINT IT ALL WHITE! Well, not all of it but most of it anyhow.
My most recent victim project has been the entry. My plan was one weekend while my husband was away on a little golf work trip, I was going to surprise him and have the entire entry painted and put back together before he got home. It was a good plan, a plan that should have been easy to execute. However, when it comes with projects and well, me... there always has to be some sort of snafu. What could go wrong? My underestimating my painting skills I guess is what ultimately went wrong. The plan was not to paint the ceiling. I was painting the walls white. The ceiling was already white and didn't need a new coat. I thought I was skillful enough to paint the top of the walls without hitting the ceiling. But dang wouldn't you know it the ceiling and walls were a little higher than I was imagining and I kept hitting that darn ceiling. I tried to keep up and wipe up my mistakes but there was a lot I missed and came to a point where there was no going back. I would've painted the ceiling myself, but there was a chandelier involved and other obstacles that I just new I should stop before there was any more damages. Fast forward to my husband coming back home, guess what honey? He wasn't so amused. He had to finish the ceiling for me. So much for getting a project done without his help.
Anyway, we made it through and then I decided I wanted to paint our entry door interior side black. The exterior side is already black and I thought with the rug and with the walls being all white now, it would look really nice. Three weeks later, here we are. Moldings, door, walls, ceiling, closet door all painted. Hurray!
It is still not 100% done, but I thought I'd share my pictures now since I haven't posted in ages!

 Before/During painting.
After painting walls when door was white


 I love walking through the entry now and it being so filled with light.  I can't wait to find the right little accessories for the table and little ottoman or foot stools to tuck under the table. I am also in LOVE with my new prints? Do you like them? I got them from Joss & Main when Melanie from My Sweet Savannah had here curator sale. I think they are a great new addition to the entry.


Design Camp

I am beyond excited this morning as I just found out I won a free ticket to go to The Design Camp in Seattle this May! I have never gone to anything like this before and am super excited to learn!
Thank you to Kim Hoegger, for this great giveaway and opportunity!


The Design Camp is led by HGTV celebrity designers, Kelli Ellis and Lori Dennis, and there will be many other high profile speakers including, local blogger Cassandra La Valle of Coco+Kelley, blogger Ronda Carman of All the Best, Decoration Editor of Veranda Magazine, Leslie Newsome Rascoe and Nathan Turner!

If you are interested in going to the Design Camp, you can maybe win a free ticket like I did. Hop on over to Kim's blog, she is giving away two more tickets until March 15th or you can order tickets here.

I swear with the luck I have been having lately I should buy a lottery ticket!!
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