What's Your Road Block?

I am in no way thinking I am a decorating genius. Far from it actually, but it's my passion and I hope that people like what I do to my own house. I am trying to learn more, and hopefully someday someone will ask me for my help to decorate their house!
I think I am ok with picking colors,  (though, I have made a couple mistakes which I'll share at a later time), picking coordinating patterns, and picking furniture pieces (again, not all aces though).
What I really seem to stumble upon and find a road block on is vignettes. I don't know why this simple decorating area seems to stump me but it does.
For example, this is what my new entry looks like.

 See the lonely candles? I know I want to add either a little bench or 2 little seats to tuck under the table to fill that open space and for function to put on shoes. But what to add to the table top? Totally stumped. I want to add something that makes sense and is also pretty. I see in a lot of photos of vignettes styled with a lamp, a plant, books, etc.
I have the overhead light, so a lamp would just seem overkill to me and wouldn't ever be turned on.
A plant? Yes, I could definitely put a plant there. Books? While it looks really great in photos, it doesn't seem practical to me. I mean if I want to go look for a book, one of the few last places I would go look for one would be in my entry. Does that make sense?
Ugh! Maybe I am over thinking this too much.
Then I have another console table to worry about. A new purchase that is sitting bare and naked. Waiting to be prettied up.

I can't add a lamp here because of the sconces. Here I could definitely put some books, or a plant or both, and I will most likely add some sort of bowl for keys since this is near the door where actually we come and go- not the main entry. I really want to add things that are special and meaningful too. So the search goes on.

What do you have on your entry table or other console tables? Am I making this more of a big deal than it should be?
What are your biggest road blocks when decorating?

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