Feeling Legit...

Feeling legit... well, not really. Not quite yet anyways. I still need to finish my Sheffield course, and get my business license to feel really legit. But I'm getting closer.
I got these cards a little prematurely because thank goodness, Jen from At Home in the Northwest, clued me in that I will need them next week when we go to the Design Camp in Seattle, for passing around.
I am so happy with how they turned out! They sort of tie in with my blog, which I was trying to go for.
I got them from Flair Designery. They were so kind and so accommodating to me, since I needed them fast. Thank you so much, Maggie and Abby! I really do love them.

In other news, this is what I will be working on this weekend.

Yup, painting again! Sorry green walls, MISSION: PAINT IT ALL WHITE is taking you down!
I hope to show you more pictures next week, but boy this is one color that I will be happily be painting over. This is one of my "what was I thinking" moments for sure.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your new cards! So classy. Send me a tweet when you get into Seattle!! @kpspaces

  2. Love the cards....and can't wait to see the white walls...you know I am a fan!

  3. Great cards and love that they tie in with your blog...can't wait to see the white paint - so fresh!!

  4. I love your cards. You were already legit :) I love following your painting on Instagram. Let's face it, watching this stuff is super fun.


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