Hamptons Home in the Northwest

So I have a bit of a tendency to stalk the real estate sites, just to see what's out there. We have no real intention of moving, but I think if we found the perfect house we may consider it. Then again, is there really a perfect house? Well, I am certain there is but is there one in our budget? So far, there hasn't been one that has been perfect enough for us to move yet. Maybe someday, and that is why I keep looking.
In the meantime, I stumbled upon this beauty!



 Gorgeous right? The outside looks like it could be from a movie scene. That's 6 bedrooms, and over 7000 sq feet of goodness.
So, if you're in the market for a beach home and just happen to have 6.8 million laying around, I highly recommend you check out this home. If you happen to buy this home, I would SO LOVE to decorate it for you!!!

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  1. Now that's a whole lotta house! It would be so fun to decorate!


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