Summer at World Market

I have to say there was a period of time where I wasn't too fond of World Market, just as I wasn't too crazy about West Elm a few years back. But NOW, I am loving both stores so much!

Here are a few fun summer items that I found at World Market. You just may want to pick up a few.


Okay, someone please give me a beach house stat! Or at least let me help you decorate one. I am dying!
This bicycle line is too cute. I can totally see them in one of those cute houses at Seabrook.
What's your favorite new item? Anything you are going to rush out and get? If you don't have a World Market near you, there is free shipping this weekend.

Happy Memorial Weekend!


  1. I wanna pick them all up! Thanks and happy weekend!

  2. There is a World Market down the street from us. I get into all kinds of trouble hanging out there. I could buy something from every aisle ;)


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