Dirty Little Secret

So, I have a dirty little secret... and that secret is my shower tile is a mess!

I need to go back and find out exactly when we did our master bathroom but if have to guess I'd say it was at least 6-8 years ago. We jumped on that travertine tile train, that looking back now was probably pulling away from the station.

This was a time when I didn't research materials and didn't think about what was going to be a classic staple element and what was durable and low maintenance.

Not only do I not love the look of the tile anymore, it has also been such a pain to clean! I try to clean "green" as much as possible, but I am about ready to throw a grenade in there.

See the white spotted areas? And the greenish, dark areas around the edges? I've scrubbed and cleaned and can't get it looking new again.

I am hoping one of you readers may have jumped on that travertine train as well, and can give me some tips on how to get this looking good again.

In the meantime, I will dream of other beautiful bathrooms. Ones that I think will last the test of time.




All of these bathrooms are a little different but in my opinion they all are using elements that won't look dated 5-15 years from now.

Tile, flooring, and countertops for either bathrooms or kitchens are a big commitment and usually come with a big price tag. It's not like paint where you can change it quickly if you don't like it.
Trust me, do your research. Look for durability, low maintenance, pet or kid friendly (if you have either of those), and be careful of color choices as well. Remember this is will be a color that will be there in your bathroom or kitchen for quite sometime, so be sure you absolutely  love that color from the depth of your soul or pick a neutral and add color in accessories or paint. Paint and accessories can easily be changed down the road if you do suddenly decide you hate the latest color trend.

Have you ever made a mistake on purchasing a big item for your home that you regret now? Please. let's dish!


  1. Loving all your inspirational images! Good luck with your tile!

  2. Girl, I hear ya. I try to clean 'green' too. I need bleach for my grout. I have a mostly white bathroom, but the white grout on the floor is killing me. I won't do that again. Good luck.


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