Week Three of One Room Challenge

Woops, so I was supposed to be posting this yesterday but this week sort of got the best of me.
I would like to say that I have a lot of things to tell you about that I accomplished since last week, but sadly that would be a lie. Dang, how long can redoing a simple tiny room take? Hopefully, no longer than 6 weeks! haha

So, anyway...I will make this post short and sweet. Here is where I am today.

I started painting a plain white cheap mirror from Target green.

I finished the chalkboard wall and have started the first level of the ombre wall.

Still on the search of possible new wall scone lighting for this room, and I am looking for one of these...

I have seem these online at Pottery Barn, Serena and Lily and many other sites, but they are all close to $100. That's not a price I will good about spending on a laundry basket for a 12 year olds' room.
I did see some at Homegoods, a few months ago and am kicking myself for not getting one.
If you know of anywhere else I should search, please let me know.

Thanks and I will hope to show you more progress next week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Stacey, it's looking great! Exciting to see the ombre wall in progress!

  2. Nice work, Stacey! Projects take SO long! I wish this was an 8 week challenge!! I'll be pushing it to complete it all - and I even got a head start!

  3. Stacey, TARGET has nice cool baskets right now, check it out! Can't wait to see the ombre wall!!!!

  4. I love the wall progress. I can't be any help with the basket, good luck.

  5. I'm behind schedule too Stacey - six weeks won't be enough for me! I bought one of those baskets at HomeGoods months ago and hadn't seen them there since but just this past week I saw them at HomeGoods again so it might be worth your while doing another check there this week!

  6. Loving your color palette for the room-can't wait to see end result!



  7. Hi Stacey - just wanted to let you know that I saw those baskets at West Elm today. The bad news is that they are $99 or $149 depending upon the size but at least there isn't any shipping assuming you have a West Elm near you. Have a great weekend!


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