A Fall House Tour

I have recently been asked to be included in a virtual Christmas House Tour by Jenny and Lisa, and I seriously couldn't have been more flattered and honored to oblige. As this is the first time I've been involved in a showcase/collaboration like this, I quickly went through many emotions as I read the email. "What? Me? Did I read this right? This is so exciting! Oh, wait, so there's going to be lots of people looking at my house! Arghhh.... the pressure!! No, wait calm down... this will be super fun."
Yes, all those thoughts went through my head in mere seconds. Seriously, I am really happy to be included and super excited to be involved. It's getting me in the holiday spirit already and I can't wait to start prepping the house.

So here are the details.

The tour will start off at Jenny's house on her blog on December 9th and then each day after will be another bloggers turn. I am scheduled to show my house last, on December 19th. Since I'm bringing up the rear, I sure hope I don't disappoint. Then on December 20th, YOU get to link up your home in all is festive finery on Jenny's blog too.

I hope you all will check out all these great ladies and their beautiful holiday homes during the 12 days of Christmas and come back here on December 19th to see mine. But I'll be sure to remind you as the days get closer.

As I am mentally, emotionally, physically preparing myself for transitioning my home into a winter wonderland it has occurred to me that I haven't shown you my home with all it's fall garb.

This year as I started decorating for Halloween but I decided to get rid of all my true Halloween décor and stay with more just fall décor that can go from October thru Thanksgiving. I liked it much better this way, plus I can be a little lazy and keep the decorations up a little longer.

I loved using these fun black crows from the dollar store and even used some on my porch.

I really hate showing my fireplace. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know this fireplace is a thorn in my side. It is on the list for a makeover for sure!

I also realize I haven't showed my before and after shots of my family room and eating area since our little remodel. I still have a few tiny tweaks and I will show them to you soon.

Here's a little peek at our dining room and living room. Again, I am very close to finishing and will show the before and after shots of these rooms with more details soon!
I just loved being able to add new seasonal pillows to this room this year. So fun!

Not sure why this throw is showing a little like purple but it's a dark brown....

Just need to add some curtains to the French doors and I think I am done in here. I'm very happy with how these spaces are turning out.
Did you see the bird prints? They are new from Wisteria, and I absolutely love them!

That's my fall home tour. Hope you enjoyed it!


Pre-teen Hangout Room Reveal

It's here! I have reached the 6 week mark of the One Room Challenge. The challenge was to transform a room in 6 weeks, and here it is. Thank you so much Linda for opening up this fun challenge (aka kick in my rear) to all bloggers in your link up party.
Let's take a little stroll down memory lane for a bit, shall we? This is what the room looked like before.
This little space is connected to my 12 year old daughter's room. It was sort of in this transitional mode, since her older sister just moved out of their shared bedroom into her own bedroom. It needed a little updating from little kid space to the fun "eye rolling... I know!" age that she has now entered.
Actually, she is quite a good kid. I shouldn't paint such a bad picture of her. Guess we all go through those fun years, right?

And BAM! just like that it is transformed!

So there it is. I have a few minor tweaking to do. If you have eagle eyes, you may have noticed some of the moldings are missing, and I need to repaint the door molding. If you didn't see those things, please disregard.
Also, I ordered this fun tassel garland to put on her chalkboard wall. Unfortunately it has not arrived yet, but I will post photos of it once it's here.

I am pretty happy with the way things turned out in this space and I think my daughter is pretty happy as well. Fun times should be had in this space with her friends and maybe she'll let her sister in once in awhile. Heck, I might go in there and hide from time to time.

Please go visit our lovely hostess Linda's blog, Calling it Home. You will be able to see the MANY other bloggers that linked up to this fun challenge as well. So many good projects and spaces were transformed, I was shocked and excited to follow them all during these past 6 weeks.

And guess what? Linda is hosting another round in April. I have just the room I want to tackle too!
Shh... don't tell my husband. If you have a blog and didn't link up this time, you will have your chance this spring!

Thank you all who visited my blog during these weeks, and those that left encouraging words. It was so nice and SO appreciated. Thank you, thank you!!!
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