Light or Dark? A Dilemma

I am so itching to redo our Master Bedroom. I have it all basically planned out but I am torn on one thing.. the wall color.

We have been repainting all our main living areas white, and I LOVE it. It's so bright and clean feeling, and makes me happy. Weird, I know but true

I thought I'd do the same in the bedroom and master bath area but I've been loving the really dark grey or even dark navy I've been seeing pop up as well. Since this is a bedroom, I don't mind it being really dark in color.

But I'm still torn none the less, so I thought I see if you could help a girl out. What would you do?

I am going to spare you from seeing photos of the horrid room in its current state. Maybe later.

This however is my bedding, just to give you an idea. My furniture is dark wood, and I will be adding a linen color headboard. You can see my whole plan of ideas on Pinterest here.

So.... dark???
Dear Lillie
Tom Scheerer
Or white???

Pottery Barn

Steven Gambrel
Love to know your thoughts?


2014 Trends Part 2

Part two of trends to watch out for in 2014 per House and Home magazine. See part one here.

New Geometric

Move over chevron, ikat, and trellis there's new patterns in town. I've seen tons of geometric designs on pillows, lamps and wallpapers all around pinterest and magazines as of late. How about you? Have you noticed this?

West Elm

West Elm
Sally Wheat

via Pinterest

Clear Tables

Acrylic and Lucite tables are nothing new but with added brass they are getting a newer look.

Jonathan Adler

Hi Sugarplum


Notice the geometric carpets and pillows too?

Patterned flooring

Again more geometric nods going on here.

Elle Decor

Elle Décor

Tommy Smythe

Via Pinterest
The Rug Company

The Rug Company
Which of these trends are you loving/hating?


Trends to Watch For: 2014 Part 1

Flipping through January's House and Home magazine, I spotted their trends to watch out of for in 2014.

I've seen some of these trends already taking off and some I have not yet. I am curious on what you all think.

Painted Out Trim
House Beautiful
Elle Decor

Traditional Home

Sculpture Lights

House Beautiful

Urban Outfitters



Modern Safari

Nate Berkus Line for Target


House and Home

House and Home

How do you feel about these trends? Love them and keep them coming, or hope they fade fast?

Stay tuned for more trends...this is just part one.

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