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Flipping Out on Bravo tv has started its seventh season two weeks ago. It is such a wildly inappropriate show, but I. LOVE. it! Oh, the stuff they talk about in the office, and Jeff Lewis, the designer/owner of the design business, pays for a breast augmentation for one of his employees! This would never happen in the "real" world, I think that's why it's so engaging and funny.

Besides all the funny, inappropriate banter between the staff and their clients, there is also a whole lot of pretty homes being designed.

Here's a few photos of Jeff's home.

All photos found on Bravotv    

The show airs Wednesday nights on Bravo. Do you watch?

Also, have you heard one of my other favorite guys, Nate Berkus, is hosting a new show on NBC?
It's called American Dream Builders and will air on March 23rd 8pm/7c. The basic premise of the show is two teams will redesign a home each week and will be judged on how well the transformation is. The losing team will have to eliminate one of their team members. It will go down to a final showdown of sorts with the last 2 remaining designers. I have this set on my DVR already. How about you? Will you be tuning in?

Do you have any other "design" shows you love? Do tell...


  1. Very Nice and you Are right it is better show of home interiors designs comparatively a show of same nice on TV......waiting for such more shows.........

  2. I love Jeff and his gang. I did not know that Nate has a new show. I really miss Million Dollar Decorator.

  3. One of my favorite shows - have never missed an episode. Love it!


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