Summer With Serena & Lily

I am totally obsessed with everything Serena & Lily right now. Their laid back, coastal vibe, and colorful patterns and colors are just up my alley. I really wish they had a store near me! If anyone from S&L reads this, PLEASE consider coming to the Seattle area. I know you will be loved here.

If you recall, I used their curtains and a mirror for my bedroom makeover, and shower curtain for my bath.

 I also purchased these pillows for my living room for a punch of color and summer fun.

Have you seen the new catalog?


Here are some of the things I'm loving right now..

I looked through their summer catalog and it made me want to redo my whole house or buy a beach house and fill it with all S&L. But since I don't see any of those happening anytime soon, I think I will be purchasing some of those foutas beach towels, wrap myself in it with their catalog in one hand and a fruity cocktail in another and dream of a summer home. How about you? What is one of their products you are dying to get?


  1. I love their summer catalog! So much fun color. My Thursday post was about them, too! We must have gotten the catalogs on the same day and started dreaming... :)

  2. I have NOT seen it and now I'm scared too! Al this fabulousness!

  3. Your favorites are my favorites - I especially love those new chairs and the bamboo mirror! I almost want to put their catalogs straight into the recycling bin when I get them because after looking through it, I want to buy just about everything from their new line!!


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