Black and Blue Inspiration

I was very inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest and thought I'd take a crack on doing a design board with this as my inspiration.


Here's what I gathered as inspiration if you wanted to complete the look yourself.

swing arm sconce/lantern/floor lamp/topiary/ginger jars/sofa/rattan trays/coffee table/leather chair/rug/striped throw blanket/lumbar pillow/floral pillow/striped pillow

Some advice if you are thinking of redoing a room, is to go to Pinterest and pin a bunch of photos that make your heart stop. I know that sounds dramatic, but really if you pick things that make you stop in your tracks, you know this is a look you LOVE and you will more than likely love it for a long time.

I made this mistake plenty of times in the past. I'd pick somethings out that I liked but looking back they weren't things that made my heart flutter. Most of these items are now gone. So don't waste your time and money on things that you don't love. Wait until you figure out what your style is, what you want your home to feel like and then make your choices. This photo above is all things that I love. The color blue, the texture of the rug, tray and shades, the white walls, the worn leather chair and the hints of black to ground everything. The room reads bright, airy, comfortable, and hints of a coastal vibe. All things I hope my own home portrays.

One a side note, I have a lot to learn about putting together a design board. I used PicMonkey, but does anyone else have a better or easier way to make a design board. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Beautiful room!
    I use Polyvore - but haven't used PicMonkey, so have no idea if one is easier than the other. Although, Polyvore has a "clip to Polyvore" button that you can download and when you are online shopping you can click it and it saves those items to your personally "liked" items in Polyvore - which is handy.

  2. Thanks for including our Swing Arm Sconce!


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