Family Room Changes and Update

We finally got some good weather and our house is making some progress!

Isn't it a little sad that THIS is progress?? In case you are new to my blog, you'll have to go back and read this post to understand why we have no roof.

I'm so ready for the "good" stuff! Not this boring, oh you need a roof stuff. Whatever.

Here's a look back at what was once a livable family room.

  Other than a roof, we are making some other changes in here.  The dark beams you see are the load bearing beams covered in a faux worm wood type material. These are the beams that were hit by the tree. Our contractor/builder is redoing the load bearing beams and they will be hidden under the sheetrock. I do however love the look of exposed beams, so we will be doing faux beams hopefully similiar to the ones below.

We will also be adding planking to the ceiling in between the faux beams and adding skylights. The decision of how many skylights and how big are being determined tomorrow.

The fireplace will look the same as before. All the planking on the top half will be rebuilt, and my husband is overjoyed it doesn't have to be him to rebuild it. We will be putting a tv above the fireplace and moving the clock somewhere else. Our tv was in the little bookshelf to the left of the fireplace before and we are limited on the size the tv can be there. This way we can get a much larger tv for this room. I also will be adding a white mantle to the fireplace instead of the wood beam.

A few other changes...

Remember this bar that I designed and my husband built for one of my One Room Challenges? Well, it is now gone.

Honestly, I'm a little sad about it being gone because I thought it was cute and it did come in need when entertaining. It however drove me nuts and my husband as well that it was designed in the room as just this box protruding from the wall. It felt awkward to us, so we thought while in the midst of all this tear down this was the time to do something about it.

I will be changing up the decor just a little bit as well. Most of the things above are already in my room. My plans are to add those new leather stools from Pottery Barn. Our ceiling fan was damaged and I might possibly replace it with the beautiful beaded chandelier from Pottery Barn instead. My mirror above our console was damaged too, so I may be adding something like the round rattan mirror from Serena & Lily as well as the striped rug from Serena & Lily since we will be replacing our trashed carpet with hardwood floors that match the kitchen.

That about concludes my family room plans. I'm sure there will be some changes and maybe obstacles that will come up along the way of rebuilding. Some of my kitchen plans have already changed and I will do another update on that soon.

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Until next time...

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  1. Progress is great Stacey!!!!! I'm so happy to see things are moving along for all of you in a great way! Can't wait to see how your new home will look!


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