Cha- Cha Changes

Time for a little house update since there have been some changes and progress.

Think this is about where I left you last.

Here is where we are now.

 Roof is on, walls are fixed, electrical and plumbing done and thumbs up from city, insulation in and also thumbs up from city, drywall complete and texture spray complete. We have some progress people!

Thought I'd make a little list of things that are still needing to be complete in hopefully the next
6 weeks.

Things that I will * next to are things that we are doing as add on's to the work and everything else is because it was damaged by the tree and the shaking it did to the house.

Family Room:
-Fireplace redo with gas insert and install TV above fireplace*
An idea that I'm playing around with....

-install hardwood floors* there was carpet in this room before and we have an allowance to replace carpet but we are upgrading to hardwoods since it was so hard to keep carpets clean in this room for we enter from the garage into this room multiple times a day

-skylights* (skylights will be new addition)
-new cabinets
-pantry shelves & barn door*
-install pendant lights*

Dining Room:
-New French doors

 When the tree hit the house there was so much pressure and shaking that it blew these doors and our master bedroom doors wide open! I might add that these doors were locked and dead bolted shut and the master bedroom is on the complete other side of the house and it did the same to those doors as well. Pretty insane! It even popped all of our attic hatches up and out of place.

New doors have now been installed.

-drywall fix and painted. Drywall shifted and you could see nailpops and lines of the drywall

Powder Room:
-install new sink*
-fix hardwoods*
-remove small closet*
-patch drywall*
This is a room that needed updating and I am doing this room as part of The One Room Challenge.

Upstairs bedroom 1:
-new windows (these windows are covered under insurance, they were tweaked with the hit)
-repaint room

Upstairs bedroom 2:
-New windows*

Master Bedroom/Bath:
-new french doors
-new windows*

Laundry room:
-patch ceiling
-remove built in iron board*/patch hole
-install tile floor
- install utility sink

-fix siding on damaged side of house
-remove and replace rest of siding of house*
-paint exterior
-fix exterior post lights

siding is currently being installed

hardwood arrived today!
My little list is longer than I thought. Lots of different stuff going on in almost every room in our house, but I feel we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I will follow up soon on some changes that have been made to my previous plans on the kitchen and family room.

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