My Silver Lining Kitchen

For those that have been following me or know me personally, know I've been dreaming of a kitchen remodel pretty much since we first moved into the house 15 1/2 years ago.

Since moving in we have remodeled bathrooms, bedrooms, living/family rooms, dining room, floors, fireplaces but we just never pulled the trigger on the kitchen because of well... the huge expense that a kitchen remodel typically takes to complete. Shortly after moving in we replaced the dated 80's yellow tile counter tops, put on new hardware on the cabinets and bought new appliances. Pretty much putting lipstick on a pig so to speak. It was an improvement but not really a dream kitchen by any means.

Then almost one year ago, during an exceptionally windy November day, a large tree fell on our house, or rather fell through our house. The tree fell into the family room that adjoins our kitchen. While by the looks of it in pictures you wouldn't think the kitchen was damaged at all. The tree damaged the exterior wall that runs along the west side of the house, which is our family room, informal eating area, and kitchen. The wall was not 90degrees any more and it would obviously have to be repaired, meaning the kitchen cabinets would have to be removed from said wall. Luckily, our insurance company realized that there is no way to remove the cabinets and reinstall them and have them looking just as good as they were before, so they gave us money to rebuild our kitchen, minus the costs for appliances, since there was nothing wrong with them.

So our silver lining was a new kitchen. I have been dreaming and scheming a new floor plan that would work for us better for years, and we were finally being able to get it.

After getting the okay from insurance company we would be compensated for a new kitchen, we took no time ripping out the cabinets.

This was a happy moment when the sheetrock was installed and the skylights were installed. It finally felt like things were progressing. 

Another happy moment was when the planking on the ceiling was in, painted and then the cabinets arrived!

Counters were installed. We chose black honed granite for the exterior cabinets and white quartz on the island for some contrast.

 So here is what it looks like today....

Our Silver Lining Kitchen. 


  1. Looks great! Wonderful way to make something good out of, what must have been, a scary experience.

  2. It came out so beautifully Stacey! I'm so happy for you after that ordeal and having to live elsewhere for so long. It certainly was a dramatic way to get the kitchen you've always wanted, what a story!! I love how open and bright the kitchen is now, just gorgeous.


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