House Update

I just was looking back at my last blog post about updates on the house renovation and see that it has been awhile since I posted all that has been happening.

A look back at where it all started until now...

day the tree hit

roof was taken off

roof rebuilt, sheet rock back on
and lights installed


 Insulation, skylights and planks installed.

 I was surprised how I loved the wood natural like this and almost didn't want to paint it.
Hardwood floors were replaced and fixed in the kitchen and new hardwoods installed in family room to replace the damaged carpet.

Ceiling got a coat of primer.

 Kitchen cabinets installed.

This is where we are at today.

Things are moving along now. I'll post more updates of other areas of the house next. Lots of stuff coming together, so stay tuned.


ORC- Beadboard Powder Room Week 4

Week Four in the One Room Challenge (ORC) hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.

Updates from last week is my husband installed the floor to ceiling sheets of beadboard to our powder room, while my I painted one of my daughter's bedroom because you know we just can't get enough of projects right now.

The real reason for me painting my daughter's room wasn't for the pure joy of another project, it was because one of her walls was damaged during the install of the new ceiling beams in the family room. In case you aren't up to date with why we installed new ceiling beams... you can catch up HERE.
I could've just painted the one damaged wall but the rest of the walls were looking a little banged up so I decided to do the whole thing and do it myself to save us some costs to go to other areas of the home.

Back to the powder room... here is the current look.

I am thinking there will be a lot of painting primer in our near future, don't you think? I am excited to see it all painted bright white though. It'll add so much to this little powder room.

Bad news, I'm 100% sure I will not complete this challenge in time. When I decided to jump on this challenge, I knew there was a chance it might be close but now I have a better grasp of the house timeline.

Our new hardwoods in the kitchen should be installed soon, and perhaps the rest of the house floors will be sanded soon too but they won't be stained until the kitchen cabinets are in and that won't be until the end of May (crossing fingers). After the kitchen cabinets are installed then they will be sprayed and left to cure THEN the floors will be stained and finished, leaving the toilet and sink not to be installed until after the floors are done. Insert sad emoji.

I will continue to post our updates along the way though and hope you'll follow along with this project and the rest of the house projects after the ORC challenge is over.

In the meantime, you can see the Featured bloggers/designers week 4 progress HERE and the other link uppers like myself HERE.  See you next week!

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