Pulling It All Together

I was so honored to have been asked to be featured by Marty on her blog, A Stroll Thru Life. She has a great blog and I love her series of Pulling It All Together and Show Off. You really must go check out her blog in its entirety.

For me feature today, I wrote a post on  how to start redecorating a room, and how to pull it all together. If you are wanting to redecorate a room and are a little stuck on where or how to start I hope you will find my tips helpful. Click {here} for my post.

Thank you again, Marty! It was so fun to be apart of you blog series!


Summer With Serena & Lily

I am totally obsessed with everything Serena & Lily right now. Their laid back, coastal vibe, and colorful patterns and colors are just up my alley. I really wish they had a store near me! If anyone from S&L reads this, PLEASE consider coming to the Seattle area. I know you will be loved here.

If you recall, I used their curtains and a mirror for my bedroom makeover, and shower curtain for my bath.

 I also purchased these pillows for my living room for a punch of color and summer fun.

Have you seen the new catalog?


Here are some of the things I'm loving right now..

I looked through their summer catalog and it made me want to redo my whole house or buy a beach house and fill it with all S&L. But since I don't see any of those happening anytime soon, I think I will be purchasing some of those foutas beach towels, wrap myself in it with their catalog in one hand and a fruity cocktail in another and dream of a summer home. How about you? What is one of their products you are dying to get?



Well, it's only a few weeks away from the beginning of Summer but I'm finally feeling like it's Spring around here in the  PNW.

The weather is starting to pick up and we are getting some rather nice days, so I'm finally able to put some of my indoor projects on hold and starting up on some outdoor ones.

I've only started with my front pots but I have 5 big pots of flowers to fill for our back deck. Yikes! Flowers sure aren't cheap, but they sure are pretty.

I recently painted those black pots, they were light green. I think the black really makes the flowers pop.

Speaking of black, I am totally digging black fences right now. I have seen a few on pinterest and I'm trying to convince the hubs (Hi, Honey! :) ) to let me paint ours black.



Not sure that's going to happen but I'll continue to dream about it. I just love how the green shows up so well against it and with our plants and flowers I think it would look so good.

What about you? Would you do a black fence?

I'm linking up to Best of the Nest today to share my Master Bedroom makeover. Hop on over to see what everyone else is showing off this month.

Have a great weekend, and hopefully I'll be back soon to share more outdoor photos.


Story of a Chair

I got a lot of likes and inquiries about this chair when I showed sneak peeks on Instagram, and then during my master bedroom reveal, so I thought I'd share how this chair came to be mine.

Melaine of My Sweet Savannah so graciously shared with me her upholsterer's contact info, and one day when I was picking up drapes that had been hemmed, the upholsterer showed me the chair and fabric that she was using to do Melaine's chair. When I saw the fabric alone, I knew it was going to look great. Not long after, Melaine showed the chair on her Instagram and asked if anyone was interested. Me! I was. I really don't have anything like this in my home, but I knew I loved it and I would find a spot for it. You know what? I did find the most perfect spot for it.
So, make a note if you see something you really love just get it and you will find a spot for it. And if you see an old tired chair but the bones are good, give it a little thought because it can turn into something fantastic with a little TLC and creativity.

This is what the chair looked like when Melaine found it.

Then she did her magic...

 It's kind of hard to see in the photo but it's very Restoration Hardware'ish. I am smitten with the ticking stripe details! Melaine did a great job of making over this chair!

If you don't already follow her on her blog, My Sweet Savannah, you really must. Or follow her on Instagram too. She has such great, inspirational photos that I like everyone of them and feel rather like a stalker. Oh well, I am what I am. Haha.

Also, if you are a local to me (greater Seattle area) Melaine is having a flea market type sale at her house tomorrow (Saturday, May 24). I am sure she's going to have some great things. You can see more details on her Instagram acct.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!


Master Bedroom and Bath Before and After

There really isn't anything more exciting than before and after pictures, so here is my recent makeover of our master bedroom and bath.


 All the walls were give a board and batten treatment to add some architectural elements to the room, and add texture and "character" in this pretty boring room. The yellow paint was happily painted over with Clark + Kensington's White Knights.

Our plan was to mount the tv to the wall above the dresser but sadly where our outlets are it was not possible to do unless the electrician went under the house. We may do that someday but are putting that on the back burner right now.


New drapes were added to lighten up the room, and woven shades were added for texture and privacy. Note the drapes are hung much higher giving the illusion along with the board and batten of higher ceiling.
New side table were added again for texture and more of an airy, beach-y feeling.
Also, an upholstered headboard was added and a few new pillows.


Amazing what a difference there can be if you just clean up. Lol!
You may notice I had a slipcover on my desk chair in the before shot, and not in the after shot. Sadly, at the 12th hour of redoing this room, I decided to try and dye the slipcover blue. It.turned.purple!!
I am going to go back and try again with a darker blue and hopefully, crossing fingers I'll be able to save it. If you've had something like this happen to you and have advice, please help.




 The clutter of leftover mirrors and other miscellaneous items that became the dumping ground were put in a proper place and I brought in a new chair.



 Treadmill is still here, and frankly even if we did move it out into the garage I don't know what I put in it's place. I mean how many chairs can a room have? So this is where it shall remain... I think...


 Such a difference huh?



Despite the work of the board and batten treatment, this was such a quick makeover. It truly is amazing what paint can do for a room. Don't you agree?

I haven't gotten good shots of the bathroom/shower area yet, but will share those with you when I do. It's hard shooting a small space.

I will also do another post on the board and batten soon.

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