Old Hollywood Home

I recently came upon photos of this Los Angeles home for sale (now sale pending) that I thought I'd share. This home is a little piece of old Hollywood. The exterior of this home was shot for the television show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet in the 1950's-60's. This was before my time, but the classic details of this home wins my heart.

It sold in 2013 for little over 3 million, now it's listed for 5 1/4 million!

You can see the photos of the house when it was listed in 2013, but looks to have been renovated since then.

 Everything was so nicely done, and well decorated. The only thing that would bother me is that honeycomb ceiling. What do you think? If you had 5 million laying around, would you purchase this home? You can see more from zillow here.

Btw... don't forget to check out my mascara post HERE. I'm hosting a online party, and I'd love it if you'd check it out. Thanks!


Mascara Dilemmas

If you don't mind I'm going to take a little detour from talking about interior design stuff and talk about mascara.

I've written before that I am a self-proclaimed cosmetic junkie. I have so many points at Sephora I don't even want to talk about it.

What I do want to talk about is mascara. I have not found a fantastic mascara that I keep coming back to over and over. I'm not faithful to any one brand, for none has made me love it enough to keep me from straying and trying others. Sure I've found some that do the job for awhile, but it seems for me if I use either a very high end mascara or even a low drug store brand I have to put coat after coat after coat, and curl and curl and curl. After 5 minutes of all this my lashes look flat and barely noticeable.

That is until one of my best friends from high school, Tara signed up to be a representative for Younique. Tara is a flight attendant, has a business on the side, and has 3 boys. She didn't sign up to make money, she signed up so share this great product. I, being the wonderful friend that I am, bought some mascara from her to show support. I had heard about this mascara before but didn't see what all the huff was about and I thought why not give it a try.

I was extremely surprised and delighted with the results.

 You can see on the left my eye with the Younique mascara, on the right I am actually wearing mascara. It doesn't look like I have anything on at all! But I swear to you I am.
 I swear nothing gets your self-confidence a boost by taking close ups of your eye area. NOT!!
I am asking Santa for Botox this year.

Here's a photo of it on both lashes. I didn't do a heavy application either, you can get way more length and drama with this mascara.

Here are some examples of clearly a much, much younger girl, or so I am telling myself. I usually do something close the second picture, but if you're going out at night or on  special occasions you can keep layering and have the look of the third picture. There is no limit.

How can you deny him? Give this man what he wants, ladies! :)

It's crazy how this mascara lengthens my lashes and really opens up my eyes. I look more awake with it on. Seriously, what girl doesn't need help with that?

I am hosting a party, so if you are interested in trying this out and of course I am highly encouraging you give a shot, here is my link
It'll be open until 10/27, so don't delay.

If you have tried this before, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are!


Happy Weekend

Been adding some fall elements around the house and baking up a storm. I'll try to add more real photos and maybe recipes later, but follow me on Instagram in the meantime.


Have a great weekend!


One Room Challenge- week 3

Here we are at the half way point of my "one room challenge" which really isn't a room, it's just a bar area. What I first thought in my crazy head was a quick makeover and would be done way ahead of the six week challenge is sadly taking a lot longer than anticipated.

This is where we are right now.

My husband got the base of the cabinet done and it looks pretty good. My job from last week was to hunt for a countertop and get that ordered however sadly one of my grandmothers got ill last week and passed away yesterday. She was an amazing women, so strong and so kind. I will miss her incredibly and will think back to times spent in my childhood at her home with great happiness. Love you tons Grandma!

I hope you'll forgive me if our progress is a little slow this time around. I am hoping to get this finished on time, but if it doesn't... it certainly won't be the most terrible thing to happen. Let's keep it real.

Things we need to do to finish this project:
  • find/order/install countertop
  • install planking on top half of walls and ceiling
  • order/install light
  • paint
  • make shelf in cabinet
  • put finishing work/trim on cabinet
I certainly hope we can pull it all off in time. Crossing fingers and toes for sure.

If you are just checking in on my project here is week 1  and 2. Please go to Calling it Home and see the progress of the 20 bloggers/designers that Linda has chosen for this challenge here, and see the other linking parties here. 

Until next week...


One Room Challenge Week 2

Week 2 is here and this post will be really short. If you did not know, I am participating in the Calling it Home's One Room Challenge as a linking particpant. You can see my plan here from week 1.

We did not get much done in the past week other than demolition.

Pretty huh? It was a busy week and weekend, so this is how far we got.  I must confess as my husband and I sat down and really talked about the plan of building the new cabinet for the bar, we both had a minor freak out moment. We weren't sure how exactly to best execute the plan and if we he could do it. We even thought of asking my uncle to just do it for us, since he is a carpenter/builder by trade, but after rounds of discussion I think we got our plan and will do it ourselves.

Something I found out last weekend too, was that Home Depot and I am guessing Lowes as well, have a minimum order when you order countertops. We just need this tiny area and you must order $1000 minimum. Ugh. However, the HD employee told us since we ordered countertops in the past from them, they would waive the minimum order for us. I grabbed a couple samples but not in love with them, so I am still on the search. Since this will be the same countertop I use in our adjoining kitchen for our someday kitchen remodel, I am being very picky. Wish me luck.

Ironically, I am not really a drinker but with the stress of this new bar area turning out good has me a bit worried and thinking I need to start drinking now. Yikes!

Sorry, there isn't more to report. Come back next week and hopefully I will have a lot more progress to show and hopefully I won't have started a drinking problem by next week.


One Room Challenge Link Up Fall 2014

Hard to believe Linda's (of Calling it Home) One Room Challenge fall edition is already here. It feels like I just finished our master bedroom from her spring edition.

The challenge started in full force yesterday with her 20 hand picked bloggers to share their makeovers of a room in a 6 week time span. Starting today, and for the next 5 Thusdays you too can link up to her blog and share your own one room challenge if you wish, OR just follow along and see what everyone else is doing and get some great inspirational ideas for maybe a future project of yours. There will undeniably be something that inspires you! One of the great things about Linda's chosen bloggers is that is is a very big mix of different design styles and  you'll be sure to find one that speaks to you. Also, with the great expansion she was done with this challenge and opening it up to everyone to play along, you will for sure see even more designs, styles and ideas that will get you excited about.

I wasn't sure if I would be participating this time around in the link up party, but there is one last project in our family room that has been needing to be addressed and what a better way to push us to get it done.

I must confess it sort of feels like cheating since my chosen project is not a room, it's just a bar area. In theory, it really should not take the full 6 weeks but since I don't know much anything about carpentry and power tools, most all of the work will be left to my husband and weekends will be the most likely time it will be worked on.

Without further delay here is said project...

Very 80's, no? Full of orange toned oak wood, yellow textured tile, and mirrors.
This bar is very useful when we host get togethers, but it's just so unattractive.

The objective will be to totally gut it and update the look. I would like this area to be family friendly as well. It'll be a great spot for a popcorn/drink area when we have movie nights or my daughters' have friends over.

My plan is to add open shelves under a new counter-top, fill them with baskets for napkins, appetizer/dessert plates, and hard liquor/wine. Above the counter-top, we will plank the walls and ceiling to match our newly made over fireplace. Also, open shelves will be added to the upper area for the glasses and decorations.

I have not picked out the counter-top yet, but it will either be black matte quartz or solid white quartz.

See you next week with an update on our bar makeover. In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram.


Fireplace Before and After

I'm baaack! Sorry for the little blog silence. Hope everyone had a great summer.

Here's a little what I've been up to lately:

If you could see me, you would see me doing a happy dance. After moving into our house over 13 years ago, I've been dreaming and scheming how to redo our family room fireplace. Now I finally broke my husband down and convinced him to help me out, and you know what? He even said it looks much better and we should've done this earlier. Of course, he will deny he said this, but I heard it, I swear!

So... here's what we were dealing with.


Okay, not totally hideous. But the room just felt heavy with this large amount of brick. It also felt dated to me and the insert contributed greatly to that. Also, we never once lit that insert. Not once.

 Taking this 500lb insert out and getting it out of the house, we no easy feat. My husband surprised me and quite frankly impressed me with a well thought out engineered plan.

Oh, did I mention that we made money on this project? Not too very often you can say that! I poo poo'd my husband that we shouldn't put it on craiglist, thinking who would buy this? Crazy stuff though, it sold quickly and for way more money than I thought we'd get out of it. Again, I will bow down to the mister and say well done!
 Now the insert was out and yikes, it was time to start the painting. I will admit I was SO nervous this was not going to work out like how I pictured in my head. In case you don't know painting brick is pretty much a permanent thing. Ha!

 I got to painting the bottom half and was working my way up when I began rethinking things.  If you recall I have been scheming about this fireplace for 13 years, people and what I have always envisioned was some sort of mdf, or planking detail on this fireplace. I was going to just paint it and see how I felt with just that, but what I really wanted was some planking detail. I showed my husband a photo from Pinterest that I liked and said "can you do this?" and he was like sure, then I was like great....happy dance.

 Sorry, I did not take better shots of all the steps but what he did was nailed about 4 or 5 boards to the bricks, then he nailed the mdf pre-primed planks to those boards and seperated each one with a nickel for spacing.

 Then to finish it off he put the same size planks around the edges to make it look more neater.

 I painted the brick with primer first and followed with Benjamin Moore's Super White in semi gloss. The planking was already primed so I just painted the same paint above as well. This is the same color as my walls.

 Voila! I am a happy camper. I love the arches in the fireplace and wood box, and I love how the beams stand out more now. The room is so much lighter and airy feeling. Love it!

As I am snapping photos I realized I never showed the before and afters of this whole room, since we did our little remodel 2 years ago! I will post those soon. Now that the girls are back at school, I should be getting back to blogging a little more frequently.

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