One Room Challenge- Week Six Final Reveal

My One Room Challenge of redoing our bar area is now complete! Whoo hoo! Let's celebrate with a drink shall we?

Guess I should show you some pictures first....

Here's a reminder of what it looked like before...

I'm so happy with how it turned out. It was quite a feat and I'll come back with more details. I just wanted to get this posted so you didn't think I just didn't finish it. Challenge completed!

If you are just tuning in and what to see how this progessed (quite slowly I must say) here's the break down:
week 1       week 2    week 3   week 4     week 5

Big THANK YOU to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting this amazingly fun challenge. Anyone that partakes in this challenge will tell you that there's nothing out there that will give you a bigger kick in the butt to get a project done than this. 

Please go check out Linda's featured 20 designers/bloggers end results <here>, and all the fellow linking bloggers <here>. There were so many this time around, it might take me a week to get through them all. I've seen some already and there are some really good ones! I'll also be sharing some of my favorites later.

Thanks again for following along with me in this challenge. I promise I'll be back with more information on how we completed this transformation. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll be sure to address them in my next post.


Also, linking up to Best of the Nest for November, here.


  1. oh my---what a difference a little paint makes huh? the bar are is now so fresh and crisp-- simple and yet beautiful. great makeover or in this case its a make-under right? I think simple, white and understated is the way to go ,,, congrats!!!! xo

  2. I seriously love this! your house reminds me a lot of mine...with all the oak, beige and tile. This is just a lovely and simple space....the planking on the walls really makes it. Great job!

  3. It looks great! I love it when making over such a small space makes such a bug difference! It really fits in with your home now. Great job! I really need to take on the ORC next time!

  4. Wow, the power of white paint, and your great vision! I love the plank walls and how it ties in with the fireplace, beautiful and so functional! I'd have fun styling it for the holidays, too!

  5. Yay! You finished!! It looks so great - you are amazing to have gotten through all that you did and have this wonderful bar space in the end. Wish I could come over a share a drink with you to celebrate!

  6. Stacey it looks great! You get extra bonus points for completing it while going through difficult times.
    Such a great, functional space. (And how cute is that little light?!)
    Great work!

  7. This looks great! It looks so much brighter and roomier! Great job!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

  8. Stacey I love this! I wish I had a bar nook like this in my house! You guys did a great job and I love the walls! Amazing job!!

  9. Oh boy! This is great Stacey.....you know I love the planks:) Great job on the styling....clean and edited. You have the eye:)

  10. Stacey, I am late to comment, so I already know how successful this room becomes. Great job, love your color choices...you killed it. Well done.

  11. Stacey I love how this bar came out!!! What a difference! I love the planking, countertop change, new light, shelving, baskets!! What a huge improvement, so nicely done and so functional! Cheers my friend, fabulous job!


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