Design Star Party Lounge Breakdown

In episode 5 of Design Star this week, the designers were given a challenge of creating a lounge area in celebrating Hollywood's 125th birthday. The designers were each given their own space (thank goodness!) and were given seperate eras to recreate.
Here's my quick breakdown of the challenge.

Britany was given "Hollywood Regancy", which is her natural design style. I think she nailed it. Everything about this space was a homerun to me. Way to go Britany!

Danielle also did a great job with her "Art Deco" room. She did a Parisian flair to it, and I thought it was very well done. She got props from the judges for being the standout designer from this challenge. I agree, with Britany being a very close second.

Hilari was given the "80's" and though she was only a small child in the 80's, she did a very nice job on creating this era. I really liked the floor treatment, the light pendants and neon lights in the back of the room.

Kris was given the "70's" and created the old basement look. As Genevieve pointed out, it looked like a room that they would be called in to makeover.

Mikel had "Midcentury Modern" and though I liked the colors and pieces in the room, there wasn't much to it. Again, quoting Genevieve "it felt flat". All the furniture was pushed up against the wall, and it was sad that he had to end up covering the fireplace he had brought in. But Mikel is quite the cutie, look at his great smile.

Rachel designed a "Victorian" lounge and I feel her pain on this project. I would've hated to have gotten this one. While I am still rooting for her, I did feel along with the judges this may not have turned out as well as it could have.

"The Future" was given to Stanley. I was not a huge fan of this room, for it is no where near my style but the judges seemed to have liked most of the room except for the err, strange table he made.

Spoiler alert! Kris was the one they sent packing. I would totally have to agree with the judges on this. I wish the show was a call in show though, like American Idol. That would be cool.
I am really looking forward to next week, as they are challenged with creating a kitchen.
Whose lounge did you like best?

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