Que the DRAMA

You know you can’t possibly have a reality type show without some drama, and this third episode of Design Star surely did not disappoint in that arena. I for one could do without the drama and tears. I guess though when you are in that type of high pressure, time restricted environment with other designers with their different views and ideas, things could get a little tense. It’s crazy that some of these designers are so incapable of working well with others.

Here’s a recap on the show this week.

The challenge was to redesign an office space for Kris Jenner’s management company. Each designer was paired up with one other designer and was given a room to design.

Hilari and Danielle were given the kitchen/break room/storage room.

My thoughts: Loved the sparkly wallpaper Hilari picked out, the stripes on the wall were a good idea, though I think it would have been cool if they had done an ombre effect to the stripes, like a paint swatch. Things that I think failed, the curtain in the back to cover the storage area. This may have been done at a last resort, but this is a pet peeve of mine, when people use a curtain instead of a door for closets. To me it reads laziness and cheap, but that’s just my opinion.

Britany and Mikel were given the conference room.

I thought they did a great job. I loved the wallpaper, the mirror accent wall, tables, chairs, well, just about everything. The only thing I could critique would be that there was some orange accent pieces on one side of the room and that’s it, maybe they could have brought that color a bit more into the entire room.

Kris and Miera were given the reception area.

This is the couple that brought in some of the drama. Miera, I think was very stressed and Kris seemed to want to take over the entire project giving Miera little input.

What I liked was the wallpaper, mirror behind the desk, and wall of family pictures. Little things that drove me crazy were the blanket on the sofa, (who’s going to wrap themselves up in a blanket in an office reception area?) and those cups of lemons or oranges on the table. It was just those weird accessories that threw me off even though they are small details for me it can throw a room off.

Stanley and Rachel were given Kris’ personal office space.

Overall, it was very nice. I liked the wallpaper (again), desk, chartreuse couch/chair. What I didn’t like was how the curtains bunched up, and though I know the judges liked it but I wasn’t a fan of the “tennis bracelet” wall treatment Stanley did.

Bex and Luca were given the showroom.

More drama entailed between these two. There wasn’t a whole lot I liked about this room. As the judges pointed out the island table was too small in scale, the accessories of the Kardashian’s that I think were meant to shine in the room, really didn’t. And sorry, Stanley you are no David Bromstad. The art piece was a failed project in my opinion. Spoiler alert, these two designers were sent packing.

Again, these are just my opinions. I know there are lots of people that may feel differently and that’s cool too. I really want to know if Kris Jenner kept any of the rooms like they were or hired someone else to come in afterwards and change things.

Do you have any favorites yet? Any guesses on who will make it to the end?

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