And the Winner is......

Wow, this season sure did fly by. Now, I may have to resort to reading a book on Tuesday nights.
This week's challenge and the final challenge was to work with real clients and design to adjoining rooms for them and present it in their mock TV show.
Britany went with the idea of Picture Perfect Rooms for her show title, and set off to design a living room and dining room.
Here is what she designed.

I really liked the printed grasscloth wallpaper, the trim work on the wainscoting, and I liked the colors she chose.

Again, I liked the colors and how they traveled into the dining room. I liked the pieces she chose and the wall art.

From this angle however it seemed a little plain, like maybe it needed curtains and maybe plants. Overall, I think she did a very good job.

Danielle chose Shop the Room as her show title, and also had to makeover a living area and dining room.
Here is her work.

Danielle added the owner's art work space into the dining room and added more practical storage for her.

While this is not my style at all, it seemed to fit the owners and their style.

Danielle collected the owner's personal artwork and made a gallery wall.


The winner is........(drum roll)  Danielle!

While I think I may have thought at one point or another that it may be Danielle, I really thought it was going to be Britany. I have a feeling we may see more of her however on HGTV.

I will be anxiously awaiting to see what Danielle does and creates on her own show. Congratulations Danielle!

All pictures were courtesy of HGTV.com and you can go here for more pictures.

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