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Okay, if you follow home design blogs and you haven't heard of Young House Love, then you better just pack it in and stop looking, for this is the mother of all home design blogs!
This is pretty much the first blog I came across when I started my blog stalking life. What a great blog it is! It's written by Sherry and John Petersik from Richmond, Virginia. They started the blog in September 2007 when they purchased their first home. John started the blog simply to show their kitchen remodel to friends and family and now look where they are. They have moved to their second home and are both blogging full time with a book due out in November this year. How cool is that?!
The reason I love their blog is for their fun wit, their great DIY projects and just their fun loving personalities. I also love seeing their little daughter, Clara and their dog, Burger pop up in their blog as well. So seriously, if you have found you have been living under a rock and haven't checked out their blog, please dust yourself off and head over there right away!

Here are just a few samples of their work on their old house and current house.

The Petersik's first house

Their current house

Their book coming out November 5 this year. I am SO excited!!

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