Cute house for a cute couple

I am a fan of reality TV shows, as I have mentioned before and have watched Giuliana & Bill for a few seasons now. They are such a cute couple and so darn funny.
Watching the show, I have also loved seeing their condos, and houses in Chicago and LA, in which they film in at times.
I fell in love with their L.A. home right away, it's the quintessential perfect white house with white picket fence. So cute and fairy-tale (ish).
I came upon these pictures from one of my favorite blogs, Hooked on Houses back in June and saw they were selling this home. I believe it now has sold to some lucky buyers, whoever you are.
 Here are some pictures of their house. You can see more of their on Hooked on Houses here, and more celebrity homes on Julia's site as well.

It's not the crazy over done home you'd expect from celebrities. To me, it's the perfect blend of California comfort and classic design. What do you think?


  1. Very nice and such great curb appeal!

  2. I love their home...warm, cozy and relaxing with lots of charm!!


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