This Has Been a LONG Time Coming

Construction has officially began in our house today and I seriously couldn't be any more excited.

Here is the situation.

This is what our family room DID look like.

As you can see the skylights above have been a pain in our arse, for quite sometime now. When we moved in, there were blinds on the upper windows and below but they were showing their age and falling apart, so after a few years we removed them. We had a company come out and we ordered new blinds, had them delivered but when the company-contracted installer came out, he was not going to install them in fear of breaking our glass. Since the blinds on the uppers had to be installed into the metal seams. I didn't blame him. So now we were without blinds.
We then had someone come out and install UV/Privacy film onto the windows. But this did not help with the heat. The windows began to fail one by one and we decided we had to bite the bullet and just rip them all out.

Not sure why a door was installed here, and we never use it except to get some air into this side of the house, since NO windows on this side of the house open! But the new windows will open, and there is no need for this door. So BUH-BYE door!

Even into the kitchen, these will be removed and new windows installed.

The current bay window will be changed to a regular window. (After we recoup from this project, financially, we are onto the kitchen remodel, whoo hoo!)

The bay window that will be removed and it will all be flush on this side of the house.

I can only imagine how different it is going to look in a few days. So happy to have windows that will open, and let air in during the summer. The old windows were aluminum and were not very energy efficient. Super hot in the summer, and super cold in the winter. It will be nice to get blinds up again too. My husband is super excited not to have to clean the tree debris off our upper windows all the time. It really is going to be a great thing all around.
I will show you more pictures along the way. Stay tuned!

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