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Only a few people in my life know that I have a secret dream. My secret dream is to live on Kauai. Okay, I guess it’s not a secret anymore. But seriously, I really do. It’s not something I say casually, like “wouldn’t it be great to live there?” I mean I REALLY want to live there.

When I came across this blog, Kasey Buick; One Girl Talks, it was if I had stumbled upon someone else that was living MY fantasy life. I was shocked to see someone actually doing what I only dream about every day, and I was sucked right in.

I quickly devoured all her past posts to catch up to speed, and now patiently (tapping fingers on the table) wait for new ones everyday. I talk to my husband about her as if I know her personally, and like we are long lost friends. Me: “You know, Kasey said Anini beach is the best for snorkeling, and yesterday she went jumping of the pier in Hanalei.” Him: “Cool. Who is Kasey?”

Through her blog, I found Kasey to have the best outlook on life, and has a great sense of humor. If you have a love of island life, want to learn more about what to see/do on Kauai or just want a good laugh, I highly encourage you to read her blog.

Kasey and her family moved from Illinois to Kauai a little over a year ago, after her husband lost his job. They took this scary time in their life and turned it into an opportunity instead. They decided to take that leap of faith, try something new and do something that they probably wouldn’t have ever planned on doing. They decided to move to Kauai for a full year. It’s been over a year now and well, they are still there. If I was in their shoes, I think I’d stay too.

My family and I have been to Kauai only twice but since the very first time we went, both my husband and I fell in love with this island. We have been to Maui, Jamaica, Mexico, and other warm beach destinations but there was just something different about Kauai. I can’t quite put my finger on it on why it’s so different but I crave to go back all the time! I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I sit and talk about how we could pull it off to move there but sadly, we never come up with a good way to do it. One of my dear friends, Kristin also shares the same Kauai passion as I. We often joke about jumping on a plane and just doing it, no thinking, just do it. As we joke, I don’t think even she knows how badly I wish I could.Or maybe she feels the same.

Coming from a person that lives in the same town as where I was born, {cough- 40 years ago-cough}I SO admire people that can pack up and move somewhere like this and follow their dreams without concrete plans. If you asked me 5-10 years ago, if I would ever move away from my extended family and friends, to move away from the only hometown I’ve ever known, I probably would’ve laughed nervously and said no.

Now that I am getting older (ugh), maybe I am getting wiser to the idea that we really only do have one life to live here on earth and we should be really living it the way we dream of.

However, I feel my feet have been planted here so long, it’s tough to make them jump from my dream to reality or vice a versa. So while I wiggle my feet from this cement that I’ve created, I will temporarily enjoy living vicariously through Kasey and her family’s journey. So keep living the dream Buick family and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Maybe I'll see you on the beach someday.

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