Coastal Modern

So, it's summer and that means I am still in my beach house envy mode. I'd like to share some drool worthy photos of the work of Tim Clarke.

Tim is an interior designer based in Santa Monica, California. He has designed for many celebrities such as Sally Field, Matthew Perry, Ben Stiller, James Spader and Portia de Rossi to name a few. He has also been published in numerous magazines. Tim also has a retail store in Santa Monica called Tower 20. Next time I am in California in that area, I am dying to check it out.
I first noticed his work from seeing his book while browsing through Barnes and Noble this past spring. Coastal Modern: Sophisticated Homes Inspired by the Ocean. Of course, being obsessed with anything beach-like, I was sold. There are plenty of pictures of his work in this book that are simply inspiring and make me even more beach house envy.

 To see more of Tim's portfolio, go to www.timclarkeinc.com or pick up his book at Amazon.

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