Design Star: All Stars Take on Set Design

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Fact of Life. That pretty much sums up the episode last night of Design Star All Stars.
The challenge was to bring the set of the 80's sitcom, The Facts of Life into this century. I did enjoy this show a little more than last weeks, and it was fun to see what they were going to create for these sets. Although, I did watch The Facts of Life growing up, I don't really recognize this set. I guess I didn't pay attention to the design details of shows/movies, like I do now.

This is what they started with.

Tom and Leslie teamed up to create one set and this is there final look.

While the judges liked this set in person, they all agreed it was too neutral with not enough pop for the camera.

I don't know if this was just the angle of the shot, but doesn't it look like the door would hit the fireplace hearth?

I liked how they painted all the trim and millwork white, the gray paint, and the oars. I also liked the  plaques that Tom made, however I think it would've been cool if he had stained them instead of being white.

Hilari and Dan  were paired up and here is what they created.

On the other side of neutral you get maybe TOO much color going on.

This green was just too much and definitely would not be good on camera. I think if they had just gone neutral on the walls, and had all this other color going on with furniture and accessories it would translated much better.

This week, Dan was sent home. Now we are down to three; Tom, Leslie and Hilari. At this point, I guess I am rooting for Tom. He has some serious high energy but I think he comes up with some good ideas and his styling is pretty spot on for looking layered and like it was styled over years not just a day.

Of course watching the show I can't help to think of what I would've done, and what I was first imagining was something more sophisticated and preppy. I would've done bright white on the panelling and brought the same panelling up the staircase, dark hardwood on floors and staircase, above the panelling I would've done a gray and brought that over to the other side of the room. For furniture and accessories, I would've done dark woods, plaid preppy and striped rugs/pillows/curtains, tufted chairs and sofas, with colors of greens, pinks, black and grays. A sort of girly preppy vibe. This of course this is just my thoughts from sitting comfortably on my couch with no pressure or time constraints at all. Even though I don't always like what choices they make, I still admire them all for what they do on such short notice and budget/time constraints.

Are you watching? Who is your favorite?
If you'd like to see more pictures or if you missed the show you can visit HGTV to see more.

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