Entry Tweaking

So, if you are just tuning in... I am on a mission. My mission is PAINT IT ALL WHITE! Well, not all of it but most of it anyhow.
My most recent victim project has been the entry. My plan was one weekend while my husband was away on a little golf work trip, I was going to surprise him and have the entire entry painted and put back together before he got home. It was a good plan, a plan that should have been easy to execute. However, when it comes with projects and well, me... there always has to be some sort of snafu. What could go wrong? My underestimating my painting skills I guess is what ultimately went wrong. The plan was not to paint the ceiling. I was painting the walls white. The ceiling was already white and didn't need a new coat. I thought I was skillful enough to paint the top of the walls without hitting the ceiling. But dang wouldn't you know it the ceiling and walls were a little higher than I was imagining and I kept hitting that darn ceiling. I tried to keep up and wipe up my mistakes but there was a lot I missed and came to a point where there was no going back. I would've painted the ceiling myself, but there was a chandelier involved and other obstacles that I just new I should stop before there was any more damages. Fast forward to my husband coming back home, guess what honey? He wasn't so amused. He had to finish the ceiling for me. So much for getting a project done without his help.
Anyway, we made it through and then I decided I wanted to paint our entry door interior side black. The exterior side is already black and I thought with the rug and with the walls being all white now, it would look really nice. Three weeks later, here we are. Moldings, door, walls, ceiling, closet door all painted. Hurray!
It is still not 100% done, but I thought I'd share my pictures now since I haven't posted in ages!

 Before/During painting.
After painting walls when door was white


 I love walking through the entry now and it being so filled with light.  I can't wait to find the right little accessories for the table and little ottoman or foot stools to tuck under the table. I am also in LOVE with my new prints? Do you like them? I got them from Joss & Main when Melanie from My Sweet Savannah had here curator sale. I think they are a great new addition to the entry.


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    1. Thank you so much, Mary Ann! Wasn't planning on putting our dog in the photo but when he heard the door open he came running. :)


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