A Look Behind the Curtains with Linda of Calling It Home

All I can say is that one of the great things about writing a blog, is meeting (cyberspace meeting) new friends. There are so many friendly bloggers out there is this community, and so kind.
Linda from Calling it Home has been so nice from the get go, and I am so grateful she has joined in with me for my Behind the Curtains series. I am so fond of her series One Room Challenge. It is the greatest thing. If you haven't heard about it or read them yet, go there right now! Okay, well not right now... I want you to finish reading this post first.

So Linda, where are you based?  Currently, I'm in New Jersey but we just found out that we will be moving to Florida in about a year! Somewhere around here.

How did you get into design? When I was little, I used to make my Barbie's clothes and decorate their home. The rooms were not as impressive as this Jonathan Adler room, but I would say I was hooked at an early age. 

When and why did you start your blog? I stared my blog two years ago. I had been reading blogs for about a year prior, and thought "I can do that". I really started my blog for the motivation to finish my home. 

Do you have any design education/ degree? When I dropped out of college, I became an Assistant Designer for a budget dress company. It was my responsibility to find the accessories for the dresses...belts, buttons, etc. After that, I went into costuming and worked on television and film projects. When the writers went on strike, I knew I needed to make a change. Eventually, I earned a degree in Nutrition.

How would you define your style? It's all over the place. I would say it's Coastal/Chinoiserie/Eclectic/Boho.

What was your favorite room to design and why? Whatever room bothers me the most at the moment. For now, it was my entry. It felt so dark and sad, and now it's bright and happy.

What is your favorite paint color to use? I am currently obsessed with BM White Dove. I know it's boring, but it is the perfect backdrop for everything.

What is your favorite local décor shop? There is a tiny little store a few miles from my home. It's called Antiques & Design. They sell all sorts of vintage and chic things. I bought this urn there.

What is your most go to online décor shop? Ebay, I am having a great run with this Turkish Rug seller. I think I'm on my third rug from him. 

What room in your house is your favorite and why? My kitchen, because it overlooks my backyard. I am sitting at the kitchen table as I type this. It doesn't look like this all the time, but it is almost never tidy.

Who inspires you? Everyone! Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration. There, the designers names are often lost and you are just studying composition, color, and design. 

Looking back, have you ever had a big design disaster? Or thought, “what was I thinking?” Haha, who hasn't? In my current home, I would already do so many things differently if I could. For example, my friend told me to put a third bathroom upstairs. The thought of the additional expense prevented me from adding it. I should have. When a renovation is going on, it feels endless. However, the day will come when it is a distant memory and the results are what is left.

Best advice for new bloggers? Decide why you are doing it and what your goal is. It's alright if the answer is "just for fun". If we are being really honest, I would doubt that as the honest answer for most bloggers. Find a loyal group of bloggers and support each other. It is a big blogland and it can get really lonely at times. Be original and write in your own voice. If you are not formal and wordy, don't write that way. Besides, most people never read all of what you are writing, anyway. And, learn how to make your pictures BIG.

Best advice for someone decorating on their own? Have lots of inspiration pictures and find a blogger friend you can bounce your ideas off of. Also, take a photo of your room and look at it. Things look different on camera and you may be surprised at what you see. When in doubt, consult with an e-designer. They are super affordable compared to the costly mistakes you could make. 
Thank you so much, Linda! I am so excited for your move to Florida. I know you'll find the perfect house, and make it yours in no time. I am also excited to follow along with you virtually.
Don't you love her kitchen ceiling? And I, too, am a huge white paint fan, so loving all of her house! White is not boring people! And those rugs!!!! Okay, okay, so now you can go over to her blog and check it out! Go now! What are you waiting for??!
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  1. What a great feature. Linda is the best! New follower!

  2. FUN interview, Linda & Stacey! Wonder how many of us started with Barbie? And yes, the blogging community is lucky to have Linda, she's as nice and supportive as she is talented!

    1. Thanks Pam, your check is in the mail :).

    2. Thanks for having me, Stacey. This was fun to do...wow, I've had a lot of jobs. Hopefully, blogger/retirement is where I'll stay.

  3. Stacey - excellent interview...I adore Linda - she is my favorite blogger and a good friend!! But there were things I learned in this interview that I didn't know which are so much fun. Pam is right - the blogging community IS lucky to have her - she has been such a wonderful mentor to me and my blog has absolutely nothing to do with design. Thanks for this!

  4. I agree, Linda is wonderful and very supportive! Wonderful post today!
    I'm a new follower too!

  5. As a big fan of Linda's, I love this post. I agree - her kitchen is amazing!

  6. So obsessed with Linda's entire home! Such a dream.

  7. I love Linda, she is one of the kindest bloggers around, plus she has an endless supply of fabulous ideas that inspire me! That kitchen is gorgeous!

  8. This is such an interesting interview! I too started with legos and Barbies - I would make book covers for walls, and accessorize as I went along, my childhood friend recently reminded me of this, and I'm glad to know I wasn't alone. True to blogging too, I started out like you, readin blogs and thought I could do that too, but the true motivation for me I guess, other than sharing for people back home what my life if like here, is, the honest truth - I wish a space of mine could be featured in a magazine! A girl can dream right?! Love this, sorry blabbered too much. :-) Thanks Stacey!!!

  9. Stacey and Linda, fun interview! Always good to get to know fellow bloggers a little better, Linda is a natural at designing and does a great job on her home and I am looking forward to seeing what she does in Florida!

  10. Very fun read! Love this insight into our friend Linda. Did not know you were a costumer...very fun! Also love your home Linda...it's so gorgeous...that kitchen is awesome.

    Also so true about looking at your rooms in a photo...it really helps you see everything much more clearly. And you cannot beat
    e-design...big fan of that since I am not a designer.

  11. GREAT interview! Love learning the why's behind Linda's blog and how she got to where she is. I'm a huge fan of hers! Thanks Stacey!
    xo Nancy

  12. This is such a great interview, Stacey! Linda is truly one of the kindest and most helpful bloggers out there. I have learned so much from her, both through her blog and through ongoing emails. She is such an inspiration, mentor, and cheerleader! I am delighted that she is moving to Florida… We are in Miami, so we will won’t be too far from each other. I completely agree that one of the best aspects of blogging is the friends you meet along the way. I have virtually met such delightful bloggers and readers since starting The Glam Pad in December. And now, I’m so glad I found your blog through Linda! :)

    The Glam Pad

  13. I would not be here if it weren't for Linda!! I have been blogging for almost two years and somehow she found me! I don't do anything without speaking to her first!! Not only is she a good friend, a fabulous blogger and creativity and Can Do attitude is oozing out of her pores!! In A GOOD Way!! xo

  14. Wonderful interview. It's great to learn more about Linda! That woman is crazy talented!


  15. I love Linda! She is such a fabulous blogger and has such an eye for design. I have had so much fun being part of her One Room Challenge! I loved to read about her. I too designed Barbie dresses and re-designed my Barbie house several times!

  16. I absolutely adore Linda! Love her decorating style too! Great interview!

  17. It's so sad Linda is leaving that fantastic foyer behind. But I'm excited to see what she does with her new home too! And yes her kitchen ceiling is fab.

  18. Learned so much here about our dearest Linda aka blogger mayor of the century. Great interview Stacey!

  19. I discovered Linda's blog through "One room challenge" and enjoy reading it ever since! :-) glad to have read all this about her today and about her designing her Barbie's home. Big fan of her rugs and entry too! :-)


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